Anarchyville? Horror!

3 thumbs up for Anarchy!

Close your eyes, open your mind and imagine the peace, serenity and security of Anarchyville. Think Galt’s Gulch without the alliteration…

Yes, semantics has given Anarchy a bad name, turning it into a one word horror story. But unlike The Amityville Horror, the only “demons” in Anarchyville are its natural enemies: Aggressive Ignorance and Terminal Stupidity – with an occasional guest appearance by Human Nature.

Channeling Lennon: Let’s give Anarchy a chance…

As some run screaming from this page, let’s take a moment to Compare and Contrast the much-maligned Anarchy with its dominant competitors: Democracy, Tyranny, Fascism, Communism, Collectivism, Statism, all other –isms, –ocracies, -archies and vinyl siding*.

 Kings, princes, politicians and petty tyrants in funny hats have sold the human race on the “great deal” their form of Government will provide: health, wealth, peace, security and happiness – with just a soupcon of Force thrown in to keep the “peace and security” part intact. And to enforce the laws. And promulgate regulations. And attend special interest.  And chaperon personal agendas.

Despite politicians’ perpetual promises of reform (see Hercules 5th Labor), with the incremental permanence of rust, Force remains to resume its ugly work: total subjugation of the people, despite the politicians’ promises or the peoples’ protestations.

So… why not Anarchy?

Checking with the family etymologist, I learned the root of “anarchy” comes from an old Greek word “without a ruler”. (And here I thought I missed a Geometry class). Well, who needs a Ruler? When thinking about your daily life, what areas require a Ruler? Do you need a Ruler to: sleep? Shower? Shave (men mostly). Apply make-up (women mostly). Eat? Drive? Work? Buy? Sell? Save? Make/raise babies? Pet the dog? Hang out with buds? Die? Aren’t these actions we do reasonably well as our own Ruler?

Yes, of course, there are those who will always take advantage and ruin it for others – just like losing Recess because of the morons in the back of the classroom. Why should everyone else be forcibly subjected to losing Freedom when it’s the actions of the spitball Morons who should be demonized? Of course, Zero Tolerance and “One Size Fits All” rules work quite well when ignoring reason and breaking the will of the individual is Job 1,   the top priority of any form of Government. Talk about Horrors!

Like the poor, the Morons will always be with us, just as there will be muggers, thieves, politicians and Direct Marketing callers. But Anarchy never promised a rose garden. Anarchy puts it out there, warts and all. It’s the warts that terrify those allergic to the exercise of Individual Responsibility, without which Freedom and Liberty cannot exist. In its absence, Government rushes in to assume the orphaned I R and – wah-la! The Nanny State of a breed referenced above is born.

Whatever happened to that “…yearning to be Free” thingy?

As Washington (George) noted “Government is force...” I would add Government in any form is Force; Force is the antithesis of Freedom and, therefore, immoral. Full grown, Force is War, war against countries, people, drugs, -isms and ultimately, the individual. Government fulfills its mission by perfecting efficient tactics of War with guns and regulations to extirpate Freedom, to deny every individual their inalienable rights, not “preserve and protect” them. It looked good on paper but it’s contrary to the nature of Government.

Consider: "life" does not require government imposed healthcare, as proven by millions of years of evolution. Liberty" does not require government imposed mandates to buy things I don't want. "Happiness" is being able to make my own decisions for myself, not dictated by government panels. 

At various levels, we are all Anarchists. Most just haven’t realized it yet. Many resist because Society has demonized the concept to the point of knee-jerk revulsion or plain old fear. Sadly, there are also Fans of Force who think Governments’ Men With Guns are just Santa's elves disguised as Robin Hood's Merry Men. Anarchy is anathema to their Utopia which is our nightmare. Wittingly or un-, these are today’s Winston Smiths, accepting the “2+2=5 assertion…obedience to ideology over rational truth or fact”.

When referring to what passes for governance, my friend, Walter Williams, is fond of saying, “[We are] pushing back the boundaries of ignorance with the moral superiority of Freedom.” To which I would add: the only moral governance is self-governance and self-governance is Anarchy 101. Everything else is a manifestation of immoral, aggressive force. Paraphrasing   P.J. O’Rourke: There are just two rules of governance in a free society: You can’t hit people and you can’t take their stuff. Everything else is negotiable.

Wow! The moral superiority of freedom, non-aggression, un-coerced exchange! Welcome to Anarchyville!

We have seen what the –isms and –ocracies have done to the human race. While politicians co-opted Peace, the Media became the modern Ministry of Truth, re-writing reality for their party. In our lifetimes – or just over the past 6 weeks – we have seen the future. Before it’s too late, let's give Anarchy a chance.

*Humor - Ed.


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