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"Don't you just hate rhetorical questions? Don't you just hate repetitive redundancy? I know I do. That's why it pained me to pose these two questions, and yet they are the most tantalizing, yet pragmatic and thought-provoking way to confront where we are today. -- on the doorstep to tyranny or annihilation. "

Don’cha just hate rhetorical questions?

Don’cha just hate repetitive redundancy?

I know I do. That’s why it pains me to pose those two questions. And yet, they are the most tantalizing yet pragmatic and thought-provoking way to confront where we are today: on the doorstep to Tyranny or Annihilation.

As to ‘repetitive redundancy’, like General Custer we are surrounded by Native Americans, (i.e. anyone living here) led by their collective leader, Chief Types With Fists. He and faithfully outraged myrmidons have been pouring articles, memes, commentaries, pod casts, books, documentaries ad nauseam throughout the formerly fruited plain, honoring the great Fear Porn stars of the last 24 generations*. Certainly you recall the infamous Chicken Little (“The sky is falling!”); the Little Shephard Boy (“Wolf!”); Joe Biden (“MAGA Republicans!”) and how entire civilizations stampeded into their homes and jammed giant q-tips up their noses, desperately searching for safety and salvation.

Of course, the elusive S&S twins both moved on; neither one lived up to their name, leaving the discombobulated multitudes angry, scared, frustrated, and primed for ‘More To Come’, while singing “Won’t Get Fooled Again!” into their elbows at the top of their outraged lungs.

Ha! Keep singing! That will keep you distracted from the task at hand.

As to ‘rhetorical questions’, either emphatically or by innuendo, each one of the Types With Fists crowd concludes their ritual rant with little to no reassurance that everything will be OK, a ‘return to normal’, complete with flattened curve is imminent. They re-write the same indictments, sharing the forecast of gloom and doom, often with the same words: Outrageous! Unacceptable! Unconstitutional! Illegal! Immoral! Fattening! And other unexpurgated expectorations, leaving the reader all pissed off with nowhere to go.

Author and occasional BSC contributor James H. Kuntsler writes:

Not to put too fine a point on it: the shit has already hit the fan. We are where we were going. If you truly believe those 2020 national election results, then this is what you voted for, America. Feeling any buyer’s remorse yet? James H. Kuntsler

Elsewhere on these Blue State Conservative pages:

What does one do when one’s own federal government is violating the law and destroying national sovereignty and state rights?** Justin Smith

My favorite commentary – So What? – appeared here last December.
So far: no answers have been forthcoming.

Revisiting Mr. Kunstler above:

“Got the feeling that something must be done? Okay then, what?”

Why do so many dogmatic scribblers leave you hanging without even suggesting a do-able solution? It’s as if one hundred doctors examine a patient, agree on a life-or-death diagnosis, then refuse to offer a specific treatment?

Note: At this juncture, I gently suggest my fellow scribblers who do conclude their comments with selected scripture are ‘preaching to the choir’. Not that there is anything wrong with that, although not every reader is a practicing member. Those of other (or no) faith may have distinctly different beliefs that neither make them categorically wrong or the choir correct. If the answer lies in the spiritual realm, all these articles of secular outrage are irrelevant and immaterial except for those denominations consistently in agreement with one another. If that is their salvation, so be it. Conversely, if such salvation and comfort were guaranteed, maybe neighbors, colleagues and Sunday drivers wouldn’t be quite so testy these days. Wouldn’t you agree the nation’s blood pressure is seriously elevated? That seems contradictory to the efficacy of Salvation. (No offense to those readers so comforted)

But I digress…

If you’ve followed what passes for reason thus far, you should be demanding “What is the solution?”

OK – let’s take a look:

1. Do nothing - Easy enough. Most are doing it already. (Prayer is included here)

2. Vote November 8th – The Big Mid-Term Red Wave solves everything! What if it doesn’t? What if some False Flag event provides government at any level the power to dictate unsavory terms for Election Day? Numerous articles by credible writers have written copious and specific warnings the Bad Guys have already done the necessary rigging to ensure their victory and death grip on government power. But when has voting permanently resolved any effort to preserve freedom and advance liberty? When has government solved the problems government has created?

3. Secession – Do you know enough about what’s involved to inspire your support? Most people aren’t – but there are some good books here, here to help you make a decision.

4. Revolution – The Big One! Just talking or writing about it can get you some unexpected company at 4AM carrying guns, badges, handcuffs and a bad attitude. So? Did the ‘Founding Dads’ do anything less? No “How To” instruction manuals have been written. You’re DIY with this one my friend!

5. All the rest: Become an ex-pat, move to the American Redoubt, buy a big, comfortable sailboat, find Galt’s Gulch, breed unicorns – the list is as endless as it is unlikely for us average citizens.

Well, there ya go! All the alternatives - realistic and otherwise. Pick one that suits your needs, fantasy, belief system or skill set; then get out there and save America!

As Woody Allen presciently wrote:

“More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

If nothing else, now you have an answer for all the “What to do?” screeds that follow.

Good luck with that. We’ll be out there scouring the landscape for solutions, too. If you come across any winners, send me an email and I’ll do the same right here.

* (arbitrary number; could be 63)

** Click link for Mr. Smith’s personal answer.


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