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Another Facebook Encounter

LXX FXXX Hard to "work together" when the final objectives for each [Party] are polar opposites. One is based on what you received is based on production, the other based solely on your need. The former is dependent upon the latter, why kill the goose? Socialist ideas do nothing to create more but only justify why others should receive more of what they don't themselves produce. 

Brian Wilson I dunno about "polar opposites". All governments and - isms exist to dominate, enslave and force "citizens" into some form of pre-determined existence solely to serve the State. However, accomplished economically is academic. In the end, you pay and obey. That ain't Freedom.

DXXX TXXXX Brian Wilson Where do we start?

Brian Wilson I'll get back to you on that when I have more time and space! 

OK – In response to my post "All governments and - isms exist to dominate, enslave and force "citizens" into some form of pre-determined existence solely to serve the State… In the end, you pay and obey. That ain't Freedom."

DT asked the question "Where do we start".

We start by stopping.

Stop believing in and supporting the myths, fairy tails, distortions and lies accepted without question, on faith, by rote, in denial of actual facts committed right in front of us, regardless of who we are, where we were raised or how. 

The problems with Government cannot be solved by More Government!

Stop voting. It accomplishes nothing more than perpetuating the same system that's eating us alive, our loved ones and our inalienable rights. Politicians lie. Those who don't lie don't get elected. If by some glitch they get into office, they accomplish nothing and are out in the next cycle. Any objective analysis of voting will reveal: Life, Liberty and the Individual pursuit of Happiness have never been advanced as a result, regardless of what person or which Party won. Voting is merely an expensive popularity contest for those who still believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

Stop supporting legislation. Every law that actually gets passed is another bite out of Freedom. Just because it bites someone or some entity you despise is irrelevant. According to the cliché: "Sometimes you're the windshield; sometimes you're the bug." but at no time is Freedom advanced.

Stop believing in the miracle of a 3rd Party or Immaculately Conceived Candidates. The first never have and never will win any significant position in any respectable number to permanently benefit Freedom; the second has never and will never exist.

Stop supporting Secession. Yes, it's a tantalizing notion. But even if perfectly Constitutional by any means or statute, the Leviathan in the DC Swamp will never permit it without a repeat of the bloodshed and carnage produced the last time it was tried. Even if successful, the cost in Blood and Treasure would be incalculable. Only if unilaterally pursued by a majority of States might there be any marginal hope for a peaceful success? Whether such unanimity could even be accomplished in our politically fractured country today would be pragmatically impossible.

That leaves Revolution. But what kind? There are all sorts of "revolutions", from bloody and expensive to a silent coup such as the one recently attempted - and nearly successful - here. Regardless of version, all Revolutions require at least one thing: a compelling leader – or leaders – to unite sufficient numbers in principled support of the Cause.

It is not irrational to state: America is at a tipping point, rapidly running out of the time, patience or, most importantly, the political motivation to craft a workable solution to return to a reasonable basis for governance. The polarization of the two parties tasked with accomplishing this makes the conclusion obvious before beginning. Rising racial hostilities, a tiered, dysfunctional legal system that coddles the Powerful while crushing the Little Guy; government 'injustices for all', fermented in envy, ignorance and instant gratification, distilled, refined and distributed by a biased, unprincipled media blinded by its own power to influence irrespective of truth, balance and integrity.

Where do we start? Find Leaders dedicated to restoring Freedom and Liberty with the guts to accomplish it by any means. The caveat: not only will it be difficult to find and call out such individuals, but the effort itself is also dangerous. The Patriot Act and other laws provide cover for Government prefects to move swiftly, without legal accountability, against anyone fomenting plans to overthrow our current "form of Government".

Our Declaration of Independence plainly stipulates "…that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…" (emphasis added) As Stephen Lucas' annotation states, this clause "outlines a general philosophy of government that justifies revolution when government harms natural rights."

Sadly, the Statist mindset or, at minimum, Cognizant Dissonance is firmly set in the minds of too many Americans. Any suggestion of "altering or abolishing" this corrupted Government acting destructively toward our inalienable rights is most likely to evoke gasps or horror and fear rather than resolution, courage, and initiative – beyond snarky Facebook comments anyway.

We "start" with ourselves measuring our own resolution. If sufficient, we seek out like-minded individuals amongst ourselves. An "idea whose time has come" is purported to be among the strongest forces in the Universe, compelling beyond resistance. If one agrees that Idea's time has indeed arrived, we start by acting accordingly.

If not, stay in the hand basket and enjoy what's left of the ride.


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