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Stopping Armageddon or The Risk of Parsing Hope

A prolific and talented writer, personal and philosophical comrade (who must remain anonymous for a variety of reasons), concluded in one of his recent pieces:

"None of this will end easily, and of course, there will be no government savior, no political god to save humanity, and no voluntary backing down by the powerful. Voting is irrelevant, as is the court system for the most part. What is necessary in order to stop this tyrannical takeover is the will of the people, and the courage en masse to just say no. Disobey at every turn, do not follow any orders by government, whether local, state, or federal concerning any draconian measures sought by these monsters. More restrictions are coming; they are not gone for good. Expect more quarantines, expect immunity or passport permits for living, expect every conceivable method of fear-based propaganda, expect more lockdowns. Then understand that economic chaos is also coming, with extreme inflation, false flag cyber-attacks, food shortages, and likely violent civil unrest once these plans are active. In addition, surveillance during this madness will only worsen.

Little time is left to change this course we are on today."

In a previous article he wrote:

Do not get used to this calm, for it will be short-lived. By fall, things will change dramatically, and civil unrest will greatly increase. New and more aggressive measures concerning made-up variant risks will occur. More lockdowns, masks, and isolation will return. Much increased sickness and death due to the state’s fatal injections will be falsely blamed on new ‘virus’ strains, and the unvaccinated will be wrongly targeted. The governing felons will come with lies and force to finish the next and final phase of this takeover; and hell will come with them!

(For students of scripture, the similarities to Matthew 24 and 2Timothy 3 are notable)


This "Time Is Running Out" theme is a precursor to Armageddon in countless articles littering the internet heralding the warning signs of our Impending Doom. Irrespective of the specific subject, each and all are identically urgent. Society’s parlous future conjures some over-arching questions:

* With "no government savior, no political god…no voluntary backing down", is "The End" inevitable? If so, why are we squandering limited time writing and reading about it? Why not 'party like it's1999' – or whatever the current equivalent – reveling in our ignorance?

* If "voting is irrelevant as is the court system", how do concerned citizens "…just say no"? Traditionally, voting has been the most available and legally binding means for the majority to express themselves and expect the desired results. But according to similarly disposed authors, that option is now sufficiently passé to cease being an option.

* What about the rest of these forces aligned against us? "…monsters…quarantines…passport permits…every method of fear-based propaganda…lockdowns…economic chaos…extreme inflation…false-flag cyber attacks, food shortages…civil unrest…surveillance…"

But wait, there's more!

"…civil unrest will greatly increase… more aggressive measures concerning made-up variant risks….more lockdowns, masks, and isolation… increased sickness and death due to the state’s fatal injections… the unvaccinated will be wrongly targeted… governing felons will come with lies and force to finish the next and final phase of this takeover; and hell will come with them!”.

Looks like we're in deep fertilizer!

But, as a perpetually optimist people, can't cooler, calmer, wiser heads prevail? Might there be more effective, proactive ways to 'just say 'No'! and fend off the 'Monsters' and 'governing felons'?

Considering the government’s notorious predilection for eavesdropping, hi-tech monitoring practices, invasive personal inspections, social media platform observation activities, how could a serious group of people organize to take any effective action to 'change course' of the entire country without first exposing themselves to those alphabet soup Agencies that would squash them like a bug? How might this Catch-22 be circumvented?

And there's this:

The supreme trick of mass insanity is that it persuades you that the only abnormal person is the one who refuses to join in the madness of others, the one who tries vainly to resist. We will never understand totalitarianism if we do not understand that people rarely have the strength to be uncommon.” - Eugene Ionesco

So…since resistance is vanity (and futile); that you are the ‘abnormal’ believer, what’s the point in risking such a deadly effort to effect ‘change’? Hasn't the fait already been accompli'd?

One can hope those 'Cooler Heads' prevail before volcanic societal eruptions and massive Government quelling with bullets and bayonets become the Lead Stories on the Evening News. But there's a risk.

As Clarence Darrow famously said to Judge Raulston in an exchange during the Scopes 'Monkey' trial "Well, your Honor has the right to hope". While that earned Darrow his first contempt of court citation, what would a more overt effort earn those who might actually turn ‘hope’ for 'change' into action?


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