Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perfidious Pundits of the MSM and other lying bastards

For everyone who has been exposed to the Perfidious Pundits of the MSM and other lying's the way the common narrative is corrupted to obfuscate truth and fact.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Football or Your Rights?

Are you willing to be arbitrarily stopped, searched, property seized, even jailed for whatever reason the guys in the Black Jackets say at the time?

All aboard ...

Merry/Happy - Hope you got the pony... BW

And now, this timely Christmas message for the OWS and other mal-informed discontents.
(WARNING: Intelligent language, cogent thought and economic reality content. May not be suitable for tiny minds.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interesting (and a bit scary) piece ...

Interesting (and a bit scary) piece - but today's Reality is rarely comforting.
Then again, Paul Revere was seen as a buzz killer by some, the Energizer Bunny by others.
What's your take?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

From the (Out of) Control Room

Twice now I have had the pleasure – and education – of speaking on the air with Gary Barnett. You can hear the latest conversation here.  

The other is in the WSPD podcast archives.   

To get the full sense, flavor and impact of our chat-fest, you’d best read Gary’s fine piece that inspired it. 

In fact, you should take time to read the entire Barnett “library” at 

Then pay a visit to Gary’s new blog.

Gary lives in Montana where folks don’t beat around the proverbial Bush, Clinton or Obama. Plain talk, long on facts – short on bovine excretion - with unique thoughts and compelling arguments.  Check him out at your earliest convenience.

Friday, October 21, 2011

This Is What Show Prep Looks Like

This Is What Show Prep Looks Like
This Is What Show Prep Looks Like

These are some ot the compelling pieces that will serve as resource materials for today and future shows.

To get a real sense of what we're talking about every day, check these out.
(It won't hurt the content of your own conversations either!)

Todays's "Required Reading".

Great OWS piece  with super-compelling, send-to-your-buds video.

Lew Rockwell on the real - and evil - "1%".

A little something for all the union slugs and thugs.

"Ya say ya wannna a Rev-o-lu-shun?"  Here it comes. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Look, Read and Comment

Read these comments from one of the UK papers today, have to say - he seems to have a clue.

Wast this a set up?

A man who lived with his mother for all his life and with no experience of killing anyone/military combat has carried out the most brutal and clinically executed terrorist action in Western Europe by an individual ever.
Better planning than than experienced IRA or ETA units.
Despite a bomb in Oslo at the PMs offices and the knowledge the PM was scheduled to be heading to the Island no military or Police units were sent there in the aftermath, no road blocks or security measures were put in place.
While the massacre was happening no military helicopters with snipers were put into the air or attempted to land on the Island.

SWAT units arrive 90 mins later - by boat?

In the meantime press helicopters were given clearance to fly over taking pictures of the ongoing killings, again no attempt was made to land.
The guy appears to have no friends or close contacts, his social network page was set up a few weeks ago and all the pictures appear to be studio taken shots.
He has a full manifesto of everything pro-immigration governments want to crack down on - within hours of him being named the British PM was on TV talking about new measures to crack down on people with these ideas 'on the right'.
Obviously this happened, these kids are dead, but what's really going on here??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can we all get started now??

Where the hell have I been???

Work...more work... recovering from work....and a blown mother board. Those are my excuses and I'm stickin' to 'em!
But with this spiffy new computer - and a renewed dedication to save the Republic or die trying (or both!) - this Blog will now begin and be done with reasoable consistancy, hopefully with a level of content sufficent to stimulate and compel thoughtful commentary from a unique and intellectually adroit readership.
Right now, I am focused on getting this new 'puter appropriately "arranged" for efficient operation. Then it's on with postings and scribblings that will be part personal catharsis and part invitation to share observations, opinions, experiences.
(Winning PowerBall numbers are appreciated and best sent to me privately. I will happily post them after they've been verfied)
Current Concerns: Preparing for "What's Next", The Show, of course and that curious blip on the edge of the radar.....
You are welcome - verily Encouraged! - to post provocative ponderances, platitudes, plunderings (cum attribution) for the rest of the class to enjoy.
Thanks for dropping by.
Game on!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your But's too big for Freedom

Here's my latest for  Lew Rockwell

Of the 2 dozen +/- pieces I've written for Lew's  web site, each has generated a smattering of comments and generally appreciative emails. Because Lew's stable of writers and posters include some of the giant intellects in the Freedom and Liberty effort, I tend to wrap my scribblings in something resembling "humor" while still attempting to advance a thought, an idea, a concept worthy of consideration. (I'm not about to cross philosophical swords with the likes of Walter Williams, Tom Woods, Gerald Celente, et al)
Still, I am fascinated at those who are so tightly wrapped, they can't resist firing off written evidence of their cluelessness.
Here the exchange:

-----Original Message-----
From: richard burnett
Sent: May 13, 2011 11:58 AM
Subject: But

You sound like Bill Handel when you wrote about the pro-public education advocates—“It’s for the Children” and all that.
You do, sometimes, make the mistake of false choices—giving only two, when several are there.
Take guns—just because you can’t park an armored fighting vehicle(tank) in your front yard doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t own a handgun—technology has far outstripped anything the Framer’s saw or envisioned—and, what’s worse, there are all too many weapons besides merely guns—barbed wire and sarin gas, anyone? I wouldn’t like to live next to an aggressive libertarian who owns a machinegun and will insist on getting his own way—with that MD in the background—besides, the cost of owning and maintaining one of those crew served weapons is not cheap. That’s one end of the spectrum—the other is no guns at all—the false choices—only those two. The “but” may be an attempt by the anti-gunners to eliminate all weapons “It’s for the children”-and it also may be an attempt., on the reverse, to allow you to own, license free, that Abrams M1 tank.
Same with the education argument—not all private schools or homeschooling is to be preferred-there are bad ones-and some of us did graduate from the nasty state’s schools without much brain damage. And yet, the either/or persists—if you are not for me, then you are against me—all things are of high principle—the drill sergeant’s inability to note that shined shoes doesn’t make for a good soldier—and that those shined shoes are irrelevant in most cases. No broad strokes—case by case. Not everything is of high principle—the assertion of high principle is the mark of the activist and is not reasonable. Having said that—there are some, a few, high principles—the making of everything in one’s thoughtbank into high principle is the mark of unreason.

Hello Dick
Apparently you fancy yourself a teacher of sorts. Maybe even the "government school" variety?
Usually that's where to find the intense myopia you've displayed.
At least you've progressed to admitting being a victim of the Government Training Camps - altho I wouldn't be too sure about that "without much brain damage" part. They certainly did a number on your Prehensile Objective Analysis synapses.
No matter. Even if I've guessed incorrectly, it is always sad to discover yet another individual on the planet void of a sense of humor.

Just for clarification:

" has far outstripped anything the Framer’s saw or envisioned"
So you believe the Constitution is a "Living Document".
How sad.
But you may be thrilled to learn the Founding Dads actually provided for such "technology" by incorporating a novel "Amendment" process. That way, if the People determined the ODWG (Old Dead White Guys) Constitutional principles were insufficiently inclusive to preserve Freedom and protect Citizens rights, the Rules could be changed!
Is that great or what?!!

Of course, Class III weapons are legal to own (even by those Constitutionally vacuous) provided one submits to that nasty Application Process and pays those exorbitant fees! Personally, I never thought I'd get through it!

But when exactly did "barbed wire" become a "weapon"??? I'm sure PETA and the cows would love to know this new classification! Or is it only a "weapon" when mixed with sarin gas?

"I wouldn’t like to live next to an aggressive libertarian who owns a machinegun and will insist on getting his own way..".
Memo to Dick: In a Free Society, you don't have to.
However, an "aggressive libertarian" by definition is someone who has pledged to not violate the rights of others except in self-defense.
OTOH, judging from your text and tone, anyone unfortunate to have you as a neighbor might seriously consider owning Class III weapons.

"...besides, the cost of owning and maintaining one of those crew served weapons is not cheap."
No to be redundant but in a Free Society, what possible business is it of yours what someone else's cost of indulgence might be?
Or are you just terribly condescending in displaying your In-Depth Knowledge of "Tank Economics"?
(Personally, if you are as aggressively ignorant in person as you are in print, I'm beginning to think few people would enjoy a next-door status with you)
And, in a Free Society, when you see that Bradley bristling in your neighbor's driveway, you are free to choose to move! It's a lot better than violating his 2nd Amendment rights.

" Not everything is of high principle—the assertion of high principle is the mark of the activist and is not reasonable. Having said that—there are some, a few, high principles—the making of everything in one’s thoughtbank into high principle is the mark of unreason."
Well!! Aren't YOU just the All Inclusive Arbiter of Everything!!
According to you, then, the Founding Dads were "unreasonable activists"? Whoa! landscape.
(My feeble scribblings excepted; Lew just posts them for the mild amusement you so thoroughly missed)
Such a public display and access to the wanton avocation for Freedom and Liberty must test your tolerance to the max!

But it's Saturday afternoon and, surely, I have better things to do....
I'll leave you with a quote from someone truly intelligent, insightful, analytical and of immense talent: Tom Sowell:
(I'm sure you wouldn't like him)

"The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.
Fortunately for all of us, You are not that Who.
Warmest personal regards,
Brian Wilson
Oh - one other thing. I realize this will be a terrible inconvenience for you but please refrain from expectorating some flaccid response. All questions above are purely rhetorical, coincidental and in no way refer to any one individual living or dead.
Thanks ever so! My Delete key will be forever grateful.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brain Food

Libertarian veteran and friend, Dr. LeRoy Lloyd forwarded John Hayward's thought-provoking piece. Left hanging: What to do about it?

Read this 

While your at it, you might want to check out a scandal of such mind-blowing proportions, it has all but escaped the exposure it so richly deserves - also from John Hayward.

Get a glimpse the future from another pal of mine who has been writing about for years.


And this: Are we "importing" our own demise?

Coming soon: "I On Toledo", Part One - an essay of many parts discussing, reviewing, regurgitating what passes for "reality" (among other things) in the God-forsaken swamp when Apathy breeds, aggressive ignorance abounds - and the natives are damn proud of themselves!

Blog on.......

Monday, April 25, 2011


Thanks to a computer crash (avoid Best Buys and their Geek Squad), road trips and the general drudgery of Work, it's taken an inordinate amount of time to get my part of this new effort up and running.

But it's up 'n running now!
Here's the plan:
I'm gonna post as much and as many articles, videos, pod casts, blogs as time will allow. Hopefully, you will find them compelling, provocative, informative, thought-provoking and occasionally entertaining.
But most of all: Compelling. We - as in Country and People - are in exceedingly deep fertilizer. Anyone remotely objective in their analysis of current events cannot conclude otherwise...
(NB: This does not include a sizable per cent age of the population of Toledo and NW Ohio where Aggressive Ignorance, instilled by generations of exposure to Organized Labor, Government Schools and Democratic One-Party "rule", has made it virtually impossible for these people to think beyond the Talking Points of local union thugs).
Hopefully, the combined thoughts, ideas, opinions and other offerings posted here will contribute considerably to our mutual understanding. Work may make this a slow-go at first, but after the initial inertia I'm sure we'll be among those making worthy contributions to the blogosphere.
I don't expect you to think as I do; I just want you to think.
Feel free to comment accordingly.
Thanks for the visit.
Brian Wilson