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Another FB Encounter

The latest in an occasional series of Facebook post encounters....

In this exchange, "JT" is responding to my posting of a link to John Whitehead's comprehensive article "Has the Dept of Homeland Security Become America's Standing Army?"...

JT:  You think the USA is a police state?
I might suggest you travel to a few police states. Like Sudan, where they amputate your tongue if you criticize
them. Or perhaps Iran, where they publicly hang dissidents from cranes. Or China, where they shoot them (and send a bill for the bullet to surviving relatives). How about North Korea, where "enemies of state" are fed to dogs. Ever try recommending Christianity to a Saudi? Just a few examples, Brian. Real-life experience in places like that might give you a little perspective on human rights. They certainly present some important targets for your thoughts and blogs.

My response....

You think the USA is a police state?” Actually, John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute, wrote that. You might want to brush up on “Reading For Comprehension”. It could prove invaluable for someone with such a flaccid grasp on the subject.

As to your “comments”, I would agree with you – but then we’d both be wrong. I’ll leave the risks of international exposure to you and your apparent ex-patness. I suspect you have done few – if any - of the things you mention or you wouldn’t be inflicting your gaseous condescension on unsuspecting readers. Even you could basically comprehend one needn’t put himself at such (alleged) risk in order to have an informed opinion – although you may have indeed provided the exception. Regardless, not having Freedom is markedly different than losing it unnecessarily at the hands of liars and thieves in contravention of the Rule of Law, Constitutional limitations and human rights. But then, you don’t even live in America so your paucity of understanding and vacuous comments are infinitely dismissive. Maybe you could distribute your milk of humane concern for the dearth of human rights actually inside the countries you mentioned. The reality of losing your tongue has to be waaaay more instructive than just bloviating about it to others and might actually serve a useful purpose. Think of all the good you could do warning people about Sudan tourism with your prosaic writing skills.   


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