Prescience and Paranoia

Here's a recent post from a popular buzz board:

"Does anyone else feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the daily deluge of crap this man [Obama] is doing to our country? I assume everyone here is awake and paying attention and it’s still hard to keep up. The low information folks out there are really going to be screwed when the crap hits the fan. At least we’ll see it coming. I wouldn't want to write the history books pertaining
to the last 6 years. Can you imagine?! [It] will be larger than War and Peace!"

In the early stages of the Obama regime, those who cared to look discovered the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Organized Crisis. Basically, it mapped out a course to overwhelm the public welfare system, precipitating a crisis that would lead to a national system of "a guaranteed annual income, and idealistically end poverty". The husband-wife team hoped to accomplish this by informing the poor of their so-called rights to a wide variety of welfare assistance, encouraging them to demand anything and everything immediately and, in effect, overload and collapse an already overburdened bureaucracy.

That essential aspect of the Cloward-Piven strategy morphed into the idea the strategy wasn't just confined to the welfare system but outlined Obama’s essential game plan to – as he infamously said -  “fundamentally transform America”. As we look out over the Current Events landscape today, Federal skullduggery, job and business killing regulatory interventions, scandals of outright criminal behavior are virtually ubiquitous. From Fast and Furious to Benghazi to the IRS and its progeny, Iraq and back, to chaos on the Mexican border , to “prosecutorial discretion”, it appears to be intentionally choreographed, happening with simultaneous precision - just like the Organized Crisis Cloward-Piven describes.

Is this it? ? Why else would the Obama administration go to such concentrated efforts to create such mayhem? True, it could be a Straw Man action governments notoriously concoct: Create the problem. Focus on the problem. Scare the citizens with the problem. Then “solve” the problem with a solution that requires the expansion of Government power, greater control over our lives and the diminution of Liberty. Yes, this has an unattractive historical lineage but never to this degree or least not in modern history to recent memory.

This is long. But then, compressing 6-7 years even of "current" history into a few paragraphs is impossible. Some things need all the details to be fully absorbed. This is one of them.

My intent was to write the final expository work on the machinations of the Obama administration. But then, I discovered the seminal work had already been done by Jim Simpson, former White House staff economist and budget analyst, back in September 2008 when it was all still unfolding.

Awhile back, I wrote: Time is the sole arbiter between Prescience and Paranoia. Time has rendered Jim Simpson prescient. His insightful work follows. Remember, this was written in 2008, 6 years before the manifestation of the Realities itemized below....


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