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 No worries. I'm here to help.

Some links to some great places...and why:

Monty Pelerin
One of the most unique and provocative  writers I've encountered in years. Not only is his identity a mystery, he calmly, factually lays it all out and, most importantly, with conclusions. His pseudonym: Monty Pelerin, taken from the place and borrowed from the Society of a similar name. Read his excellent "Confidence is A Con Man’s First Name And Government’s Last Scam" and other fine works here. The pod cast of our conversation here

"Spengler" aka...
Recent guest David P. Goldman writes a compelling account of Obama's strange disappearing labor force and how those Government stats telling you "all is well" is really a sack of crap and you are not going to be happy to read the real deal.
Read it -- then hear him talk with me about it.

James Miller
James Miller, Mises Institute/Canada was a bit nervous (first time on radio) but he is the only person yet whom I've seen writing about and connecting the dots to the FBI and it's sack 'o crap involvement in the sordid details of scaring the bejesus out of American citizens with trumped up "terrorist" events and politicians using the scam to ramp up your anxiety and taxes to expand government to "keep you safe". Problem is: who's going to keep you safe from this government?
James' very informative piece here
The pod cast is here

James Bovard
Couple of great pieces from friend James. One we haven't discussed (yet) on the 10th Anniversary of the TSA and one we did and the Government's concern for your happiness!

Scott Strzelczyk
Haven't gotten Mr. Strzelczyk on the show yet. No one want to venture how to pronounce his last name. Still, anyone who writes like this, needs to be on the show:
"Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Americans are deceived and manipulated, even lied to outright, by the very people who are supposed to represent them. Nearly every elected official offer scapegoats and straw man arguments to deceive and manipulate the very citizens they were elected to represent."

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