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"Monty Pelerin" is the pseudonym of a gifted writer/thinker who held several CFO positions in the Corporate world as well a decade or so teaching graduate courses to a classroom  full of students getting much more than their student loan's worth. You may share their experience.
This is his most excellent - and informative - web site.
My latest conversation with Monty can be heard here.
The following is a Free Sample excerpted from his blog:

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. describes the campaign problem that Obama confronts:

… Team Obama at least senses trouble and reportedly is looking for a positive message. But what message? Stay the course? What course? For and against gay marriage? For and against fossil fuels? More Solyndras? More trillion-dollar deficits? A recovery more halting and uncertain the longer Mr. Obama presides over it?

They have nothing, absolutely nothing, to run on. That is why the campaign, as explained in detail in Mr. Jenkins’ article, has become so dirty and desperate.

Despite his complete and utter failure, it is amazing that there is still the possibility (likelihood??) that Obama will be re-elected.

My God! What has happened to this country and the common sense of its citizens? That issue is a much bigger threat to the country than another four years of a Chicago thug.


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