A telling picture and revealing writing

For those who still insist Obama is a great president, leader and hoops shooter, this short read should put these delusions where they properly belongs. h/t LL

If you missed it, here are the limited but revealing results of the audit of the Federal Reserve, long proposed by Congressman Ron Paul (retired). If these limited results are so damning - and they are by $16 trillion dollars - why aren't our oath-taking, duly-elected and fearless leaders not moving immediately for a comprehensive audit? Go ahead...ask them...I'll wait right here.......................

Meanwhile, if you can't stand the suspense, here is an excellent bed time story that pretty much answers all your questions about the future of America...not abstract ditherings about the coming (when?) collapse of the government and the dollar, but a refreshing confirmation of what our society will look and function like during the fun times just ahead.


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