The new "You"

Comes now a new paradigm based on the old saw:  “All politics is local”.

In my business, programmers and talk show hosts were forever admonished to stick to local issues in order to attract and keep the audience: the closer to home the scandal or event, the more naturally inclined to listen would be those in closest proximity.  Makes sense.  A mugging down your street will more likely grab your attention than a drone strike in Yemen or riots in Ukraine.

But the growing ubiquity of malfeasance in all aspects of governance is changing the application and reality of “local”. While still geographically accurate, the militarization (and implementation) of police departments, the  growth of local, state and federal regulations, enforcement claims creating overlapping jurisdictions and the nation-wide disregard for the rights of citizens by those in power makes you, the individual, the new “local”.

Laws, regulations and their enforcement arms originating in Washington now cascade down through the States, into cities and towns and villages. What happens to an elderly couple in Oregon will soon be inflicted on a young family in Florida. So the “politics” of Everywhere will eventually be impacting you, your family, wallet and life. 

You are Local wherever you are.

Money and the quest for power are the fuels driving the Despot-mobile. With the growing  erosion of the constraints formerly found in a civil society and the fracturing of the Rule of Law by those elected to  enforce it, the respect for rights, liberty are being steamrollered by the State’s need for money. Once raised, Power is free to be wielded with the use of force when necessary to seize more money. 

Welcome to the cul-du-sac…


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