Most Remarkable!

I've come to learn ZeroHedge is a unique place for info generally ingnored everywhere else. With an emphasis on things financial and/or impacting financial, it's not like Drudge or similar "general news" web sites; ZeroHedge doesn't post the Latest News on Whatever. That leaves space for articles that might not find a home or readership elsewhere.

"George Washington" has submitted some of the best, most comprehensive stories on the site. If he doen't work withing "the machine", he has contacts to die for (maybe literally one day) and research that's spot on. Connecting the dots for a compelling read is his most outstanding talent.

It's a tad long for ADD types - but the intel is well worth the read...

"In other words, the intelligence agencies are rogue...."



  1. Brian, thanks for sharing Zero Hedge. I was unaware of the site prior to today when I shared a story on Facebook that you had posted. Thanks again and keep the great information coming!


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