Is Martial Law Imminent?


In a recent appearance (10/6) on CBS “60 Minutes”, FBI Director James Comey was asked about the 12 American citizens fighting alongside the ISIS(L) terrorists: “With American passports, how do you keep them from coming home and attacking the Homeland?” Comey’s response:”Ultimately, an American citizen – unless their passport’s revoked – is entitled to come back…so if someone who has fought with ISIS(L)  wants to come back…uh…we will track them very carefully.”

(FBI Agent sometime in the near future: “Sssshhh….we must be vewy quiet…we’re twacking AmericanswithpassportswhohavebeenfightinwithISISL Teworrorists!”)

In response, my friend and colleague in our weekly podcast, "Judging Freedom", FOX Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who also appears weekly on these pages, went as ballistic as a dignified jurist ever would – which is to say: succinctly, tactfully, diplomatically.

Also as is his practice, the Judge gave a brief legal lesson to FOX viewers by explaining despite the legal community “having a great deal of respect” for Commissioner Comey, he apparently “forgot” about an inconvenient statute called “Providing Material Assistance To A Terrorist Organization” which authorizes the FBI to arrest these asshats “upon their re-entry into the US.”; that it is “crazy” to allow them back and “wait to see what they do…”. The Judge also went on to debunk any notion of “Treason” being charged against them, citing the Constitutional requirements glaringly absent in their case.

Stepping back, it was difficult not to notice the Almost Too Perfect repartee between “60 Minutes” host Steel-Eyed Scott Pelley and the too-heavily pancaked FBI Commissioner on this subject. One could almost hear the whirr of the 2014 Obama-Matic Tele-Prompt’r in the background scrolling the soothing sentences of simplistic silliness; solipsism via government propaganda.

Should one “Compare and Contrast” this episode with the nearly simultaneous government “handling” of the current Ebola event, there is an eerie similarity: total reliance on government and its agencies to handle everything properly and protectively. This is tantamount to expecting bullseyes from the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight: Government – whose middle name is Incompetence. 

Yet this is what Government has come to perfect in our time: create the problem, blame anyone else, promise a solution (after a government “study”) which ultimately makes matters worse. Of course, Government always benefits from making conditions look better than they are. And Government always benefits from making conditions look worse than they are. This is the Logic Free Zone definition of a Win-Win situation.

Regarding Ebola: Wouldn't it be more prudent to send our doctors and supplies over there where facilities and experience abound with -0- exposure to the American public here??

Don’t you find it a bit curious why the government and CDC officials aren't making this e-z putt, instead, fomenting fear and anxiety, playing with the fire of a national pandemic? This especially when considering their award-losing track record in administering much of anything – from waging senseless undeclared wars to laughable “border security” to finding one alleged shooter hiding in 20 sq miles of PA woods?

Of course, Government doesn't taking any responsibility whatsoever for these bungles in the jungle or anywhere else. As the president is so adept at doing: Blame, Deny, Delay. If the public can be sold that line a few more times, why wouldn't martial law be the ultimate result?

Here’s the announcement….

“My fellow Americans (ha ha ha)….it has become obvious your local and state officials are overwhelmed and no longer have the manpower or resources to insure the safety of you, your family and……wait for it……..the children, despite all those swell military-grade weapons my Pentagon flat-out gave to every police force! Therefore, by the power invested in me, me, me as Commander-in-Chief of All I Survey Because I Say So, I am hereby declaring Martial Law. That damned Constitution and accompanying Bill of Negative Rights is suspended! Also, elections are suspended because it’s just not safe for you to be congregating in polling areas….and it damn sure not safe for my my my job security. I will be making all the rules till further notice. Everything will be done according to my new policy of “I, Me, My, Mine”. May God bless me, ’cause I’m the only one who counts.

Now, you will s’cuse me…I’m late for my tee time….


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