The Coming Democratic Wave

Arguably Obama was never a real Democrat. He became a Democrat to achieve a vehicle to pursue his own objectives. His early success emboldened the lunatic fringe of the Party to move to positions they could not have without him. Obama was not a Democrat; he was a MEocrat. It was (and still is) all about him, not the party.He is a self-focused opportunist where everything must be about him.

The early political success has now turned into a disaster for the Democrat Party. Arguably he has destroyed the Party and he does not care. What once was manna from heaven for Democrats is now excrement from hell. They have a serious problem and seemingly no way to solve it. Their once-Messiah has become an existential Albatross. His ideology and personality disorders threaten to destroy the entire Party.

It is important for Republicans to stick to their principles (if they still have any) and remember that the mandate they received was about ABOP. They have their own problems, but they are minor compared to Democrats. By cooperating with Obama, they will make their problems as existential as the Democrats’.

Republicans do not have to turn on Obama. They must merely not accept any of his wild schemes and stand out of the way. Democrats must do turn on Obama in order to survive.

The next wave will be before 2016. It will be Democrats overwhelming Obama.

Friend Monty Pelerin pens an insightful analysis of the post- mid-term political landscape including a peak into the next 24 months....


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