"Give back..."?

It's always astounded me to hear people - especially financially successful ones - of all walks and stripes get around to saying they are doing something to "give back to society" as a way of thanks for their bodacious success.

What a crock.

What's being revealed is their misdirected, unnecessary, destructive sense of  guilt for being successful - as if making a profit for providing a product or service was tantamount to taking money, bilking poor innocent consumers of said "society" for risking their time, talent and resources to provide the product/service that benefits society through the Free Choice of the Free Market. Liberal college professors and left-bent pundits never tire of making such accusations while faring quite well, thankyouverymuch, with tenured positions, ginormous "speaking fees", honorariums, ad nauseam.

Peter St. Onge writes a short piece that explores the "give back" nonsense much better than I.


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