A Frank Reply

A friend and fan of Talk radio sent a puff piece about a syndicated colleague whom I've known casually for a few years. The article/interview made him out to be quite "larger" (as to influence) than he actually is, at least as far as the pecking order in this biz. Both the writer and the talk host did not shy away from fostering the notion that both he and Talk radio were the tails wagging the dogs of politics and public opinion. With that in mind, I wrote back..
He was set up to one side of me when we were broadcasting from CPAC a few years back.

Nice puff piece - but when it comes to "saving the republic" or the restoration of Liberty, he is just as irrelevant as any other "pundit".

Since "retirement", I've come to see just how ludicrous it all is. We talk, post, opine, write and make idols out of those who say with a microphone and transmitter what we wanna hear.But when looking for measurable, permanent, positive results, the best you get is a handful of water. To believe somebody yakking on a radio or tv is actually going to cause the Leviathan to change its ways or the "other side" to have an epiphany is ludicrous.

Rush is a rock star. But aside from being in the right place at precisely the right time - which did not come about thru his alleged brilliance or clever "strategery" - he has managed to get to the top of the talk radio food chain and $20M/yr. But, while he has said (or most often has had ghost written) some scintillating things, what has he changed, stopped, reversed in America's inexorable slide to tyranny? 


Has Talk Radio raised the consciousness and awareness of Average Man. Sure. But every "accomplishment" (Republican control of WH and Congress, the rise of the Tea Party - now co-opted by ' the Establishment' - and maybe the defeat of an odious politician or two) has been subsequently squandered by other "forces" impervious to the on-air rantings of every radio/tv yapper to clutter up a studio. Ever. Myself included.

Talk radio, like political campaigns, are the "circuses" part of "bread and...". They are distractions, popular deceptions that help us delude ourselves into thinking "something GOOD is about to happen"..."THIS time we'll show 'em!"..."THIS time we'll get it right - and if they don't vote to -blah blah blah, we'll vote 'em out! And the NEXT time.....". This is Einstein's definition of insanity writ large. In living color. And Surround Sound.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode....just like the last exciting episode.

Oh - and send money. This crap ain't cheap.

And so it goes.....


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