2016 Predictions

Toward the end of my last conversation with Judge Napolitano, I asked him for a prediction, just one prediction for 2016 that I could note on the calendar and we could track for accuracy and precedents. You may recall, the judge responded that the answer to my question was part of his end of the year column for Lou Rockwell.com which he had already written. As a result, all of us would just have to wait until the 31st to find out.

Fearlessly, I have a few predictions of my own. One of my original quotes of which I am most proud is “time is the sole arbiter between prescience and paranoia”. Frankly I don’t think it’s gotten the accolades and adulation it so richly deserves for both the alliteration and accuracy. Regardless, by this time next year we will all know whether the following observations were brilliantly prescient or just plain old paranoid.

First, on the man who’s been sucking all the media air out of every network, radio show and opinion piece Donald Trump. My prediction is that unless he does something or says something so monumentally egregious as to implode his campaign to the point of a losing his core followers, he will meet some untimely demise. I predict this because, unless you are willing to go uber Machiavellian with convoluted hypotheticals and just take the man and what he says at face value, there is no way the political establishment can allow him to become president. Hell, I would go so far as to say the leadership of the uni-party, Republicans and Democrats joined the wallet, cannot even allow him access to the podium at the national convention much less one-on-one debates with Hillary Clinton, regardless of the fact such an event would break TV viewing records for generations! Believe whatever you like about the often rumored Hillary Clinton temperament, she has led a sheltered life since leaving the Arkansas governor’s mansion for the cocoon of the White House and the politically correct political climate that has grown like kudzu since her husband first became president. To deal with a loose cannon such as Trump in a debate on the world stage would be devastating for her. For that and numerous other reasons all of which seriously threaten to expose the Washington political establishment eaten alive with corruption, a loudmouth gadfly like Trump has got to be swatted. Frankly, considering was already known in addition to what he has admitted, I don’t see anything like good old-fashioned blackmail that could affect him. Even if his purported net worth is off by 75%, which still would leave him billions to run his campaign. Even if Trump were to lose, he would still have more than enough money to live a very comfortable life even if he never went back to work and his broadsides would have already done their damage.

I won’t speculate on how or what may happen. Researching my book, the little black book on Whitewater, gave me an upfront, close and personal look at the ruthlessness thoroughly embedded in the Clinton family and the Washington Establishment. A review of the facts incorporated into the murder of Vince foster -and it was murder, including with the phony FBI investigation, the victimization of dozens of women by Porch Dog Bill, the legendary temper fits directed at Secret Service, military and White House staff will intimately acquaint you with these two sociopaths and how they work. For of Bubba’s “good ole boy” charm and despite Hillary’s cackle, these are not nice people. And they have millions to spend on Even Worse People.

Suffice to say, if Trump wins in Iowa and or New Hampshire, he should make a serious investment in bulletproof vests and beefed up private security.

Granted, his act may actually be a tremendous ruse, designed to increase his profile and notoriety. We’ll see. The timer on this prediction starts at midnight New Year’s Eve.

For my next trick prediction - what I’ve just said regarding Donald Trump notwithstanding, I predict Hillary Clinton will not finish her campaign nor will she be the Democratic Party nominee. And I have my friend, Judge Andrew Napolitano to thank for that. The judge and I have conversations and correspondence every week discussing material that doesn’t make it into our “judging freedom” conversations. Some of it is background, some of it is sharing of information, some of it is speculation and some of it is confidentiality. I will say, based on our relationship, I am confident Hillary will take herself out or be taken out by an indictment from the FBI. As you have heard from my conversations with the judge, it will not take an actual Justice Department indictment and prosecution of Hillary for her to leave the race. As the judge has noted, from his relationship with FBI Dir. Comey, he is confident Comey and a gang of FBI agents would all walk out in resignation if an indictment of Hillary is ignored by Obama. And as we all know, that is not impossibility. Personally, I think once an indictment from the FBI is known to be forthcoming, Hillary will suffer some unmentionable medical condition that will force her to leave the race. Out of feigned compassion, Obama will then have the smokescreen needed to keep AG Lynch from moving ahead with the prosecution and still not be confronted with a massive and scandalous walkout from the FBI litters the streets (and News) the leaked indictment. And while that in and of itself would disqualify her from public office, my colleagues in the mainstream media will see to it that a symphony of sympathy and concern will drown out reporting the real root causes of her withdrawing from the race.

With all the drama of an overacted soap opera, the DNC will promptly trot out Elizabeth Warren, who we will discover later, has been off the media radar intentionally in order to prep for her entry, riding in on a white horse -but an Indian headdress - to save the Democratic Party from having to publicly display its socialist preferences by fielding Bernie Sanders as their candidate.

If I am wrong on predictions one and two…. If we find ourselves settling in to watch the first of the Trump Clinton debates… I will buy beer, pretzels and popcorn for everyone in the room.

Finally, my third prediction flies in the face of the first to. (Unlike history and reality, if you’re going to make predictions you’ve gotta be flexible!)

My third prediction is we will not have an election next year. Between New Year’s Day and Election Day, the president will declare martial law. With the Constitution suspended, the presidential election will also be on hold until further notice.

It struck me years ago, after Obama was first elected, this is a guy who wants to be Emperor, King, and dictator for life. They will have to drag him out kicking and screaming - or carry them out feet first. He does not intend to go gently into former president-hood.

How will this happen?

Given sufficient time, I might be able to conjure up a number of reasonable scenarios -- but current events has provided some dots that, when connected, create a fair and plausible picture.

First, while you may not have heard them, Obama made several references to a third term, how he’d like to have one and how easy it would be for him to win one. While you can chalk up a lot of that to basic narcissism, for me it provided a glimpse at his intent.

On to the hard-core. A review of current events over the last several months, specifically in the area of migrants and refugees, we learned that over 100,000 Syrian refugees had been brought into the country since 2012. Where they are now, what they are doing, whether they were offended thoroughly and appropriately is not known to the highest ranking personnel in those government departments whose job it is to know. Add to that, the president’s inexplicable, illogical, unreasoned goal to bring in thousands more. In fact, the latest $1.3 trillion budget embarrassingly passed by the Republican majority Congress provides the funding specifically to accomplish this. The head of the FBI, the head of the department for homeland security and several of their underlings have all admitted thoroughly vetting this flood of migrants is impossible. Another happy thought comes from the head of the Department of Homeland Security himself when he had to admit it was indeed possible if not likely that Isis would take advantage of the refugee chaos to come into this country by any means possible.

Let’s step back for just a moment for a little analogy. Let’s say you go down to into your basement - assuming you have a basement- and you discover to termites. Likely this would not disturb you especially if they were named Bruce and Harold. But they are not and after some period of time and another visit to the basement you discover an infestation of such proportions that the collapse of your entire foundation is unavoidable. As if that wasn’t bad enough, imagine these termites were armed with automatic weapons and the ability to make bombs.

Replace the termites with some of Isis most deranged members and I think you’ll start to get the picture. And let me hasten to say that it would not take thousands and thousands or even hundreds and hundreds of appropriately motivated Isis members to do enough damage to the American landscape and psyche to provide Obama with sufficient cover to declare martial law.

In support of that theory, I offer you two things. First, a retrospective examination of the facts surrounding what law enforcement officials have been willing to dub ‘terrorism ‘reveals all such activity has taken place not just in gun free zones, but also in areas where people congregate, especially colleges, universities, churches and schools. Many, if not most, of such places are the exact places communities use to set up voting machines. Imagine for a moment a rash of shootings and bombings at schools, churches and college events where there will be large numbers of people and, of course the proverbial gun free zones. With a high enough body count and predictable public outrage and fear, demands for the government to “do something to keep us safe “will be music to the ears of a narcissistic sociopath who will gladly suspend that terribly inconvenient Constitution thing until peace and order can be restored and the bad guys hunted down. The script almost writes itself.

And secondly, I would remind you of the famous quote from Samuel Adams. You know the one that says it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Now if you look at these wack jobs in Isis getting all the headlines for their unspeakable behavior, I think it would be safe to say they are certainly not a majority but they are indeed irate, tireless and a minority that is keen on setting off bombs not brushfires of theocratic tyranny and terror in the minds of men.

Let’s speculate a little here: of the 120,000 Syrian and Muslim migrants, most of whom are already here, how many could be reasonably predicted to be among that irate, tireless minority keen to set off bombs throughout America? If my math is correct - a truly rare occurrence -1% of 120,000 would be approximately 1200. Assuming they are already irate - or as the media loves to refer to them as radicalized - they would certainly represent a minority out of their 120,000 community. Now consider what to people with rifles did in San Bernardino - and not just the dead and wounded but the panic, manpower, man hours and other resources. Then factor in the turmoil caused by the hoax that close down Los Angeles school system and nearly did the same in New York City. Take 1200 broken down into groups of two and, again assuming my math is reasonably accurate, that would produce 600 pair of irate tireless minorities keen on committing a murder and mayhem throughout the great Satan.

While the government repeatedly and foolishly spills the bilge of keeping Americans safe through added surveillance and reduced freedom, it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt it is guilty of stupendous failure... Unless of course you prefer to believe, that all of this has been meticulously and intentionally designed, possibly out of the deep state, to destroy the grand American experiment and freedom and liberty along with it.

So as not to end on such a downer, my final prediction is some time before New Year’s Eve 2016 I will win either Mega-Millions or Powerball - or possibly both! - with jackpots in excess of $100 million each. And after taxes and a few necessary expenses, I will send everyone reading a cashier’s check for $100,000 along with my best wishes!


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