2016 Prediction (Amended)

In my 2nd 2016 prediction (see below), I saw Hillary Clinton not making it as the Democratic presidential nominee, that the FBI will come forth with 2 or 3 indictments that, pursued by Obama and AG Lynch or not will be more than sufficient to knock her out of the race. Add to those coming indictments, the re-appearance of Bill “Porch Dog” Clinton’s zipper issues, coming in the face of Hillary’s laughable claim to the “Champion of Women’s Rights” Heavyweight Belt. She may be sufficiently delusional to believe she will sail through this tempest unruffled and unscathed. But even a fawning media cannot ignore that much blood in the water.

But what then? Hillary exits Stage Left (of course) in everlasting shame leaving The Bern to claim he is now the Presumptive Presumption to the Throne?! Hardly….

My Amended Prediction: Enter good ole “Uncle” Joe Biden to save the Party from having to acknowledge it is putting an avowed Socialist up for Oval Office Occupier. I know. I know. Said he wouldn’t/couldn’t….son’s death….family….pass the Kleenex….etc. But just days ago, several graphs into an insignificant Huffington puff piece (and repeated on MSNBC, The Hill, CNN, etc.), there’s Joe Biden saying “I regret it every day”.

If that wasn’t a 10 ton signal flare going off, I’ve never seen one! And what a great deal for Joe, his die-hard backers and all the Big D schlubs hoping against Trump to hang on to the Big Oval: greatly reduced campaign contributions, a fawning (and relieved) MSM and a familiar name and face that’s already been through the ringers of inappropriate touchings, Freudian slips, Spoonerisms and a flaccid grasp on history and other realities.

Wow! What a deal!?

But wait! There’s more!

Along with Everybody’s Uncle bodacious sociopathic attributes, he will arrive on his Just-In-Time White Horse with none other than Elizabeth “Poke-A-Haunt-Us” Warren by his side. The Looney Tunes of The Bern’s uber-left idolizing ignoramuses will positively swoon! Princess Warren has more Socialist blood in her veins than the smidgen of Cherokee she claimed bodaciously but erroneously circa 2012. Despite Happy Hunting Grounds of factual research debunking her fantasy, she blithely goes on maintaining her native American-ness. Typical of professional politicians: don’t let the truth get in the way of good sloganeering while preying on the ignorance of voters and counting on an apathetic media.

So there it is! Joe and Poke-A-Whatever, snatching “Salvation 2016” for the Ds from the jowls of Hillary’s Big Defeat. And when she was THAT close, too!

If I’m right, this will mean I have to completely revamp my opinion on Karma…..!


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