The Doctor is In

The diagnosis is complete: the I’s have it.

Laboratory results:

America’s metastasizing societal insolvency is being led via the generational infection of the “Four I’s”: Igorance, Incompetence, Indiffernce and Indulgence evidenced by the following symptomatic warning signs:

Ignorance – The perfected result of the deliberate dumbing down of America, courtesy of the permanent parasitical partnership between Government Training Camps (public schools) and socialized Teachers Unions “where destruction of the Individual and construction of the Lemming is Job One!” Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning and Objective Analysis not permitted; “social justice”, liberal media bias, “compensatory inequality”, “anti-social tolerance” and “Political Correctness” is practiced, corrosive and mandatory. Experts also refer to this as the new “non-invasive prefrontal lobotomy”.

Incompetence – The primary result of 12 years (minimum) of induced Ignorance (see above), aided and abetted by Helecopter Parenting, “Snowflake” Indulgence and “Safe Space” sheltering from “real world” realty; elevation of opinions over facts, feelings over thoughts, absent marketable skills, long on “entitlements” and imagined “rights”.

Indifference – (aka Attitudinal Apathy). Combined with Incompetence and Ignorance (above), behaivior resulting in the belief in being free of any personal responsbility or obligation not specifically self-centered. When combined with Indulgence (below), results in poor work performance, poor interpersonal conduct, confrontational communication and immunity to any occupational discipline or social limitations.

Indulgence – Absence and rejection of any moral compass; self-induced narcissism, bloated egocentrism, civil behavioral limitations based solely on personal preferences and selective application of self-defined, self-assumed “values” not reflective of anything currently recognized as “civil”.

Experts say a cure was possible, however MGI (Malignant Governmental Interference), a side effect of Cultural Malaise, eliminated hope for salvation of the majority of those infected. Future generations could only be immunized if the missing essential elements that contributed to the current epidemic are cultivated and distributed in mass quantities. Unfortunately, they say, such production can only come at the hands of those not already infected and those numbers are too small to be remotely effective.

Put more simply: We’re doomed.


  1. The old "wordsmith" puts it in clear and understandable form. It IS a bit disturbing since I have the feeling that I'm "talking to myself". Brian's comments are so insightful ... so right on the money ... they are frighteningly true.


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