“…The Half-Truth, the Alt-Truth, and Anything But the Truth”

The above was lifted from the text of the new Oath of Office and Ethics swearing ceremony that will soon be required of every elected official and mainstream media reporter.

I oughtta know; I wrote it.

2017 will be remembered by any remaining historians with integrity as a watershed year for the Government-Media Axis of Liars. With the surprise election of Donald Trump, the MSM (Mainstream Media) was publicly shamed by the revelations (courtesy of “alternative” news sites and social media) of their intimate collusion at every level of the Establishment, most notably, the inadvertent public unmasking of the Deep State.

Desperate times call for desperate action, especially by those who are – well, - desperate. The threat to the Deep State/Establishment government by the ascension of a political Outsider kicked that desperation into passing gear as “CYA” became the Order of the Day, necessary to preserve the corrupted status quo cohorts in the MSM portrayed as Truth and Fact, not the mistruths, half-truths and outright lies they actually are. Occasionally, there was a Good Truth and a Bad Truth reported to satisfy the Fly-Over Rubes who might actually be paying attention instead of concentrating on Dancing With The Stars.

As any PAC-12 football coach can tell you, Desperation plays are usually problematic and most often deadly. Such has been the case with the hubris-laced plans of the Deep State to Deep Six Donald Trump and/or his presidency. While laughingly unsuccessful, the desperation for self-preservation remains a powerful motivator. It has been recently revealed the Trump Administration and certain Republicans in Congress are engaged in behind-the-scenes talks not only to extend the Government’s “bulk surveillance authority” (spying on individual citizens without suspicion or Probable Cause) but to extend that power even further by declaring, as a matter of law, any information obtained would be valid, lawful evidence in any criminal prosecution, thereby effectively gutting the protections of the 4th Amendment. In Desperation mode to maintain the corrupt Establishment/Deep State, the “tyranny of the Majority” in Congress is moving forward surreptitiously to eviscerate even more of what Freedom, Liberty and Individual Rights remain.

Not to worry. This is a bi-partisan effort.

On the other side of the aisle, recent comments by the President and certain Democrats strongly suggest the World’s Greatest Negotiator is open to “deals” that would get his autograph on legislation for “Dreamers” and other Immigration issues anathema to his base and a contradiction of the dogmatic “you can be sure of that” promises made during the campaign. Put more simply: The Donald appears ready and willing to cut whatever deals necessary and “take the heat” to win the Inside-The-Swamp Popularity Contest to remain in power.

The above “oath” has become necessary to acknowledge and justify both politicians and media members in their on-going obfuscation of Truth and Fact.

All this goes to prove the prescience of a distant relative of Lord John E. Acton, Lord Alfred E. Neuman-Acton who infamously observed: “Power corrupts; absolute power is kinda neat!”


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