A Short Note from the President

My Fellow Americans

I'd like a few minutes of your time to address and clarify some of my comments in Helsinki that have caused such an uproar among Fake News readers, Deep Swamp creatures, and the heavy-breathers in both parties.

It appears the source of all their exasperations and expectorations was my response to a question about Russian meddling: did I believe Mr. Putin's strong denial over the findings of the American intelligence community? That was interpreted as my siding with Vladimir Putin instead of the United States intelligence agencies. Was I?

Let me be clear. Simply stated: Yes I was.

Unfortunately, in that news conference setting, I didn't have the time or opportunity to provide a more fulsome answer – as I am going to do now.

First, I suggest you answer this simple question as honestly and objectively as your bias, prejudice, and political handlers will allow: With the whole world watching this historic event, why should I throw my support behind the same intelligence agencies that have been attempting – and are attempting at this very minute – a coup to overthrow my administration?


Since before my election, the NSA, CIA, FBI and certain political operatives including Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been committing illegal, unconstitutional acts, trampling the Rule of Law, tapping my phones, surveilling certain associates, assisting Hillary and the DNC in the composition and use of a false dossier to deceive the FISA Court to appoint a Special Prosecutor who has failed to conduct an honest, thorough investigation – what happened to the DNC server? Hillary's missing 30,000 emails? John Podesta's emails? - failing to comply with the Constitutional demands of House and Senate oversight committees, feeding classified documents to CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and other Fake News outlets and a long list of other actions and efforts to undermine my administration.

In the face of those facts – some of which you have been reporting on for nearly two years – tell me why, exactly, I should be a fool in front of the entire world saying: Oh yeah! I'm with these intelligence agencies 1000%! Had I said that President Putin would have collapsed in laughter, I guarantee it.

As Sen. Rand Paul told Neil Cavuto, "When you look at our intelligence community over the last several years, it was lead by people who turned out to be rank partisans, and frankly dissemblers and liars. James Clapper came to the Senate and perjured himself. He committed one of the biggest lies of the head of intelligence committed in recent times…". And this is just a small example of much bigger "crimes and misdemeanors" committed by the former President, former Secretary of State, former Attorneys General, former FBI Director, Assistants and at least two agents.

So against this historically accurate and factual background of recent months right up to today, why should I be hysterically criticized, for giving credence to President Putin's strong denial of Russian meddling?

While you think about that, here's something else.

Both the United States and Russia have big, bureaucratic, intelligent agencies with offices and operatives tasked with identical goals; it's been that way for decades and decades. Just as with the DOJ, CIA, FBI who have individuals like John Brennan, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe working undercover against the national interests and values of America, I can tell you President Putin has the same issues. If the so-called indictment of 12 Russians allegedly working to meddle in our elections is true and accurate, it is not at all impossible for them to have done so without Putin's knowledge. I had no idea former President Obama and his operatives were working so hard and illegally against me and my election. If you take Obama at his word, he claims he had no clue – despite information coming out that makes that patently unbelievable. Where is your journalistic skepticism?

Here's my last question. It should give you pause before you swallow whole the talking points you're getting from the Schumer-Pelosi-DNC-Fake News Headquarters.

Do really think the United States, through our Foreign Policy, State Department, CIA, and NSA, is seen around the world some sort of Vestal Virgin? Are you at all aware of the meddling the USA has done in other countries' elections like Israel, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba? Latin America? Africa? And, by the way, Russia?

Why now this sudden outrage over Russia? Could it just be because your candidate and your agenda lost big time?

And here's a little something for homework. According to WikiLeaks and other sources, the CIA's "UMBRAGE" program is a really clever hacking technique. They use malware to steal and replicate the digital “fingerprints” of a foreign hacker, allowing the U.S. to then blame the hack on a foreign enemy such as Russia.

So when Dan Coates and our "intelligence community" tells you

"We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy…and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security."

You might want to double-check for varnish. It may not be what they want you to believe it is.

When some of those "bad actors" you've heard about, turn up in our own government with the goal of overturning the Administration of someone they don't like, didn't vote for and are still in denial that he won, what confidence would you have in their honesty, integrity, love for the Constitution, Rule of Law and American values?

Finally, I'd like to thank Brian Wilson for writing this for me. He's a good man. Smart, too.


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