Coming Soon...

Yes - the End of the World is Coming Soon - but not now. According to my indelible calculations, we still have at least a few hours left before Technicolor cataclysmic events ruin th
What's coming sooner is...(wait for it)...The Big Pod.

If you're wallowing in a keen sense for the obvious, you have already deduced "The Big Pod" is my new podcast, coming to this web site.

When, precisely, will this happen? I have no idea. I'm still working frantically getting the mic, cables, plugs, speakers, in-studio band, off-stage announcer and enthusiastic studio audience together for the Really Big Premier! Actually, the only thing hanging us up right now is that "enthusiastic studio audience". We've had plenty of people come in for The Big Pod taping - but when they found out who was hosting, they ran out the door screaming! Go figure...!

I did. And I figured we're just gonna go ahead with it anyway. It will be a few days yet which will give you oodles of time to call your neighbors and warn your friends what's about to happen so they can avoid the area.

Stay tuned for wacky action! The Big Pod will be here soon - but not now!

Brian Wilson
Grand Exalted Omnipotent Stomper


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