My Man; My Vote

Maybe if I post it here, the phone will stop ringing, the mailbox will un-clog and everyone who really really wants to know will….know.

Actually, I’m really excited about my guy! Can’t say I’ve ever been this stoked about a candidate! How could anyone not be?

Unlike Trump, he has definitive, articulate plans for the future;
he has never flip-flopped on essential issues of Freedom;
his wife does not work for Goldman-Sachs;

he posseses a dynamic personality and excellent speaking skills;

my guy has a brain, respect for the individual and eschews making Judo hand gestures when speaking; 
my guy’s father was not a mailman.

The person I’m voting for has always been courteous and responsive to my queries and honestly interested about my concerns for the future and my family.

He has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, the financial discipline to run clean, efficient businesses; he respects the entrepreneur and importance of the Small Business Owner.
He agrees with me: taxation is theft.

He understands the vicissitudes of “politics”, career politicians and the Siren song of Power.

Just like me, he believes strongly in the sanctity of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the primacy of the Individual, free markets, Natural Law and Spontaneous Order.

He agrees and believes “the Individual is the smallest minority on earth”.
Unlike the others, my guy understands “Individual rights are not subject to a public vote”.

He often quotes Henry David Thoreau: “I wasn’t born to be forced.”

He totally supports Self-Governance.

And, yes, he is the “Boss of Me” -- and I’m totally OK with that!

That’s why, again this election, I am throwing my entire support and vote for the only person who knows what’s best for meborn to be the only “Boss of Me:



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