The Perfect Virus

Indeed, this is the Perfect Virus. 

No known origin, no known cure, no known preventative. Every 'medicine', every 'treatment', every effective 'solution' to stop it has been attacked, ridiculed, ignored, demeaned, denied, discarded - except those approved by Government and its cronies. It defies all masks that don't need to be worn or must be worn because Karen; effective and ineffective, indoors or outdoors. It's highly contagious, especially in crowds except politically approved 'protests' with sufficient property destruction. Contrary to originally announced 'scientific  experience', it is no longer deterred by heat or cold. Without evidence, even asymptomatic people can spread it. No, they can't. Wait - when did you ask? No Constitution, Rule of Law, legal precedent, economy, logic, values or basic common sense can stand before it. It is the Perfect Virus. But the people and entities that would control every aspect of your daily existence, your future, welfare, career, security, family, religion, life and death will ultimately claim to have the Cure - which will guarantee them the means to control every aspect of your future, welfare, career security, family, religion, life and death. 

Indeed, this is the Perfect Virus.


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