The Official Unofficial and Premature State of the Union Address

My fellow Americans and people of all sexes, I’m orgasmic to tell you this evening – or whatever time it is where you are: the state of the union is strong!

Yes, I know you’ve heard otherwise. Naysayers, MAGA Republicans, friends of Putin, Tucker Carlson – all united in one Russian influenced effort to convince you otherwise…that our Union is weak…our economy is weak…the nations jobs, climate, businesses – are all weak this week.

But I say they’re wrong. R-O-N-G wrong. Our Union is strong, stronger than a wagon load of wet goats! You ask why? You ask how can this be? Thanks for asking because I’m gonna tell you.

True story!

Two years and 40 days ago, America and Americans, had just finished 4 years of Trump and the MAGA Republicans. They saw thousands of their fellow citizens in different venues across the country, packed into football stadiums and civic auditoriums, just to cheer for the man who had given them low unemployment, low gasoline prices, low inflation along with a new sense of pride in America…a pride lost during the 8 long, hard, divisive years of the terrible and successful Obama-Biden administration that, as Barak promised, “fundamentally transformed the United States of America.”

For the last 2 years, the American people have seen this administration drive down the expectations of the American dream. They have seen this administration take just 10 days to flatten a curve – and then extend it 2 more years, closing schools, closing businesses – some forever- and issuing unconstitutional mandates, imposing an untested, lethal “vaccine” on the world, with years of lying and covering-up its repercussions of injury and death. What other administration can claim to have accomplished so much so quickly?

Under this administration Americans have seen the weaponization of our government against every parent, child, small and big businesses, industries, farmers and, yes – mostly red states and the middle class.

And that’s not all! Under this administration’s profligate spending, American mothers and fathers have seen their children’s future squandered on providing billions in military assistance for as long as it takes - to a former sand-up comedian who became president of Ukraine. Is this a great country or what?

No joke!

As American citizens struggle with shrinking wages, higher taxes, rising gas and oil prices, food shortages that haven’t been seen in years (have you noticed the supply of baby formula?) this administration continues to strengthen our Union.

How is that possible? C’mon man! America is waking up! The blinders are coming off as fast as those silly, ineffective masks! Americans are beginning to see how blind they’ve been to the massive corruption of this government…the criminal conduct of their public servants…the banners of freedom, liberty and the rule of law, trampled under the feet of rioters, illegal immigrants, drug dealers and child trafficers – all sashaying thru a boarder they’ve been repeatedly told was secure.

Don’t believe your lying eyes!

This great awakening – while just getting started – is what can and will save America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic, who have had a free hand in desecrating American history and American values. Because these two years of this administration have revealed the complicity of the Government-Pharmaceutical Complex and the Intelligence - Big Tech cartels playing upon the real epidemic: the ignorance and apathy of the average citizen that originated thru the gain-of-function research of the Mainstream Media in the Teachers Union laboratories of public schools and universities.

As this new awareness spreads and, like a true serum, inoculates our fellow Americans from further political skullduggery, as we learned from the great Peter Townsend: “We won’t get fooled again!”

As the awareness of the metastasized malignancy of this administration and the Washington culture - aptly referred to as The Swamp - spreads to every corner and crevice of America, the Union will indeed become even stronger than ever as the American Dream comes true for more and more of its citizens from sea to shining coast.

Thank you and may God bless…the…thing.



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