Biden's Pincer

"If the Middle Class represents the ‘soul of America’, it can be accurately stated this administration’s policies and actions have targeted the very heart of the country."

The Pincer Movement first tried at the Battle of Marathon (490 BC), and worked well enough for Alexander the Great to give it a go in 326. History tells us Hannibal, Genghis Kahn and a bunch of other tough guys used it successfully to defeat the Other Side. Based on this string of strategic victories, US Commander-in-Chief, President Joe “Hair Sniffer” Biden is running the same play in what may be the ultimate Super Bowl: Government vs. Americans.

For those who skipped or snoozed through History 101:

The pincer movement, or double envelopment, is a tactic in which forces attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy formation at the same time. (Pincer Movement)

(See also: “How crabs attack”)

So how is the guy who beat Corn Pop using this comparatively sophisticated tactic and against whom?

Consider these recent stories:

Biden Issues Executive Order to Strengthen Background Checks for Guns - NYT

Biden: ‘No amendment to Constitution is absolute’ as he rolls out gun measures - NY Post

Biden seeking even more money to fund gun confiscation - GOA

Summarizing the above for the Hurried Reader:

President ‘He-Who-Shakes-Hands-With-Ghosts’ tried to circumvent the constraints of the 2nd Amendment. With typical fanfare, he issued an Executive Order that, fortunately, does little more than add paperwork to government bureaucrats, strained police departments, and sheriff’s offices, while lobbing gobs of free money at “communities to raise awareness of gun violence”. Despite the vacuity of the EO, Hunter’s “Big Guy” still bellowed his scribble would ‘save lives’. Only the Unicorns applauded.

However, closer inspection over the last 24 months reveals this President appears to be launching an end-around attack on the 2ndAmendment by prohibiting, regulating, and harassing manufacturers, dealers/FFL holders, and individual gun owners themselves who have purchased legal firearms and components only to have them declared illegal by re-codifying them ex post facto. Those possessing these newly (re)classified (now illegal) ‘weapons’ are subject to arrest, fine, and prison. 

The fine print in Biden’s 2024 budget proposal reveals a 13.6% increase in the ATF budget over 2023 for a total of over $1, 900,000,000. That money will be used to hire 140 new field agents and 160 Industry Operation Inspectors to harass FFL holders/dealers and otherwise assault your Second Amendment rights. (As a former FFL holder, I can personally assure the reader ‘harassment’ is the operative word). This means the ATF would have grown 35.7% larger since the start of the Biden presidency, and 50.9% larger since the end of the Obama Administration. While a multitude of new ATF regulations is being challenged in court, you can be unfortunately assured Biden’s career loathing of gun owners and the 2nd Amendment will be taken to the next level over the last 2 years of his term. The recently passed "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” reflecting GOP support does not encourage the quaint notion that Republicans offer any stronger fealty to the 2nd Amendment than Chuck Schumer.

But wait! There’s more! Remember this is a Pincer Movement.

The Biden Administration’s intention to hire 87,000 new IRS agents as part of the Inflation Reduction Act may be Old News – but not Accurately Reported Old News. Various news outlets painted a distorted picture of how many, for how much, to do what? One of Biden’s promises – IRS agents would not be auditing individuals making under $400,000 – was immediately suspected by those listening to be the stuff of bovine excretion. On March 21, the real ‘bombshell’ went off when Treasury Secretary ‘Dammit’ Janet Yellen “asked about the number of new audits funded by the Inflation Act before the House Ways and Means Committee…admitted the proportion of new audits on individuals and small businesses making under $400,000 would remain in line with historic levels.”

As with most politicians or bureaucrats, what they don’t say is more devastating than anything admitted out loud. In this case, “According to the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, more than 90% of audits are on families and small businesses below the $400,000 income threshold.”

It gets worse…

There has been great concern about this, and neither Congress nor the American people have received a straight answer from the Biden administration. When Yellen was asked to clarify if the total number of audits annually of families earning less than $400,000 should not increase, or if she meant the proportion of new audits targeting those families shouldn’t exceed the historical rate of over 90%, the secretary replied she meant the proportion – not the total number…So, yet again, the secretary confirmed 90% of new audits under the Inflation Act would fall on small businesses and families earning less than $400,000.

Biden’s Pincer Movement has one claw attacking gun owners, dealers, and manufacturers with unconstitutional executive orders and expensive, even dangerous, regulatory ‘violations’. The other claw will attack citizens and small business owners making under $400,000, a great big middle finger to the middle class flipped with all the hubris and lying condescension typical of petty tyrants.

Class warfare, dividing the country with regulatory persecution of law-abiding citizens, mis-truths and disinformation fed to the American people while weaponizing the IRS against a middle class still reeling from tyrannical lockdowns, career destroying job losses, debilitating school closures, government overreach, misleading propaganda and even death from a questionable “pandemic” and mandatory injections of untested drugs raises a serious and dangerous question: Is the Biden administration attempting to wipe out American’s middle class and the American Dream for the sake of a ‘new world order?

Is that crazy talk?

Speeches which disdainfully reference “MAGA Republicans”, Middle Class and Blue Collar people as ‘white supremacists’ raise the question, the suspicion, Biden, Democrats and even a few Republicans are their enemy, not fellow citizens with different beliefs. By launching the power of agencies of the federal government against their income, their standard of living and ‘pursuit of happiness’ is contrary to every American value, every Constitutional principle, every tenet of Liberty incorporated in the foundation of this country.

“The pincer movement, or double envelopment, is a military maneuver in which forces simultaneously attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy formation.” USAMM. In some of history’s most decisive battles, tyrants and conquerors used the Pincer Movement successfully against their enemies. Today, the national zeitgeist leans decidedly toward the suggestion America is fighting for its very soul, not just against enemies of the State but enemies in the State, ‘foreign and domestic’. If the Middle Class represents the ‘soul of America’, it can be accurately stated this administration’s policies and actions have targeted the very heart of the country.


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