Can YOU Save the World?

Recently, The Free Press published “The Normies Will Save the World” by Oliver Wiseman. It began:

                "If you listen to some of the loudest voices in American life right now, they
                seem to have more affection for tyrants and terrorists than democracy."

Puzzling, I thought. As the party of psychopaths attempting to rig the 2024 Presidential elections with censorship, voter fraud and the newly popular “Lawfare”, what entity other than the DNC and its apparatchiks could be “against our Democracy”?

With Biden’s poll numbers on life support. As the only Tyrant currently starring on the American political stage, who else is being referenced here?

Would you believe Tucker Carlson?  ”…it’s often hard to tell who Carlson wants to win the Ukraine-Russia war: a European democracy defending itself, or the invading force of a Russian despot. And in videos from his recent trip to Moscow, including a riff on the brilliance of Russian shopping carts, it wasn’t always clear who Carlson thought had it better: Russians or Americans? Wiseman’s opines “…if only [Carlson] would listen to the "normies". Normal Americans know the difference between right and wrong, democracy and tyranny, Ukraine and Russia, and Hamas and Israel.”  Right! And if only Tucker had only done his best karaoke of our national anthem before interviewing Vlad, something no current journalist has bothered to do.

But I digress…

Leaving aside Tucker Carlson’s ginormous international popularity, let’s consider “Normal Americans”. Who are they specifically? Are they Bungling Biden Liberables or Extreme MAGA Republicans? Since those two groups each approximate 50% of population, on which side are the ‘normies’? A reasonable person with the decent grasp of objective analysis would agree there are winners and losers on both sides. Sadly, Mr. Wiseman has declared the losers the winners simply because they "know right from wrong".


Ignoring that subjective argument of “right” vs. “wrong”, does the “Normal American” have a firm, factual, historically accurate understanding of the reality of the “Ukraine War”? Or have the ‘normies’ swallowed whole the Winston Smith ‘Revised’ version: "Evil Vlad invades innocent ‘European democracy’ - bloodshed, murder ensue!"? Addressing the historical record of the hostilities there, VOX summarizes: “Ukraine is a Texas-size country wedged between Russia and Europe. It was part of the Soviet Union until 1991, and since then has been a less-than-perfect democracy with a very weak economy and foreign policy that wavers between pro-Russian and pro-European.” VOX then spends copious paragraphs attempting to educate the reader with the yawning smoke and mirrors of Ukrainian-Russian Ancient History, sociology and Putin’s Evil Conspiracies. Nearly 30 paragraphs drag by before there is any mention of NATO and even then, only in passing. Articles from outlets not written or influenced by Operation Mockingbird adherents give a accurate account of US Neocons and NATO cohorts breaking multiple agreements not to encroach on Russia’s borders, positioning missiles, material and manpower that would make any opposing country nervous. Russian missiles in Cuba should strike a familiar note for Americans not lobotomized by Government Training Camps (public schools). Given such sparse coverage, one wonders if Wiseman’s “normies” were aware of Russia’s efforts to call an end to the fighting only to have the peace-loving Biden regime veto all efforts?  Overall, there’s plenty of blame to go around but staking out the idealistic position of Uncle Sam = Good; Russia Bear = Bad with poor Ukraine in the middle is painful naivete.

Next for the "Normies" to strike a blow for clarity is the tragically obscene fighting between Hamas and Israel. Recognized authorities on Middle Eastern foreign affairs remain confounded to find common ground for a civil, productive conversation about a solution. The quicksand of centuries of ancient history, animosity, tribalism, religion, bloodshed and political jiggery-pokery blinds the most educated eyes to securing the prize of peace there. Team Biden’s bumbling bungling boneheads have done little-to-nothing to resolve anything. Biden’s Bad Boy Blinken and other Admin Whiz-Kids have done more harm than good burning all that climate changing jet fuel to hob-nob with the Movers and Shakers only to return empty handed and empty headed in the search for “What We Do Now, Kemosabe”? Regardless of rank, serial number or zip code, it is ludicrous to state “Normal Americans know the answer is as easy as ‘right and wrong’”. If only the world be so Sesame Street simple as in Wiseman’s dreams.

Then comes this pearl:

“New polling from Pew suggests that the American people are still invested in the fights on the front lines of the free world. According to the survey, three-quarters of Americans think the Israel-Hamas war, the Ukraine-Russia war, and tensions between China and Taiwan are “important” to U.S. national interests. And a majority of Americans say these conflicts are personally important to them.” (emphasis his)

Citing a poll that “suggests” something as detailed as implied has the intellectual heft of a helium balloon. Of course, “…the American people are still invested…”. Whose tax dollars are being frittered away by a doddering octogenarian and a former stand-up comic? Not Mexican cartels, that’s for damn sure. Considering the perfectly legal trusts and other tax vehicles the rich men north of Richmond use to avoid paying “their fair share”, it's not the millionaires and billionaires losing money either. If anything, the big players at Casino Wall Street, along with DC Congressman practicing Insider Trading are doing very well trading MIC stocks day by day, month to month. That a Pew survey confirmed “…three-quarters of Americans” think the wars, along with China-Taiwan tensions are “important” to U.S. national interests and personally important to them.” is a compliment to the trillions spent on propaganda by the Government-Media complex and “Big” Friends in high places that constitute our economy. Put another way, a majority of the country are thoroughly blinded by the Government Approved Narrative.

Then comes:

“But these important conversations will only be constructive if they’re predicated
on a few important truths: that Chinese Communism, Russian Dictatorship, and
Islamist terrorism are evil. And that America and the West are, despite their faults,
a force for good. In other words, things the most American – the normies – know to
be true.

Personally, it’s difficult to control the gag reflex when reading such choice tripe like that cliched propaganda. Even with the obligatory head-fake “despite their faults, a force for good”, it is only through the perfected chicanery of the Government-Media complex – with ample support from the Alphabet Soup folks, their shadow offspring and well-compensated free agents – that the majority of our fellow citizens are blind to the depths of unrefined evil the United States Government has stooped to advance “U.S. national interests”. If 'normies' only knew. But censoring, ignoring, burying the stomach-turning actions of administrations since Woodrow Wilson have succeeded through imposed ignorance via the MSM, mentally questionable and morally bankrupt politicians and Corporate leaders. As it is, Wiseman’s vaunted “normies” would be second only to the Leviathan screaming “Conspiracy theory!” about my comments above. It is this guaranteed predictable pejorative from Government mouthpieces to MSM blow-dried pundits, all the way down to the ‘normies’ that gives mass formation psychosis its credibility.

From AmHist 101 to today’s headlines, an objective review of all Government conduct, regardless of nation, continent or historical record, is an endless tale of tragedy and waste. Pick your –ism, religion, or political philosophy, Government stands as the arch enemy of Freedom and Liberty, no matter what the ideals warbled in all the national anthems may be. Wiseman should have stopped after scribbling “And that America and the West are, despite their faults, a force.”

American Exceptionalism, now so disparaged, was a result if exceptional individuals excelling at what they did best, in their own self-interest that served their fellow citizens through a free market of ideas, products and services. Not out of altruism, “giving back” or similar guilt trips imposed by the envious and insecure. And certainly not by the taxing, regulating self-serving “benevolence” of an imposed government that blessed itself with total authority by a monopoly on the initiation of force.

If just the publicized actions of the United States government over the lifetime of anyone reading this doesn’t convince one of the fact that it is on par with every other ruling entity, then those trillions blown on brain-scrubbing propaganda were well spent. Fortunately, alternative forms and outlets for accurate news, information and productive debate are beginning to show the ‘normies’ that their cherished beliefs have been peeled balloons, an illusion inflated with hot air, not facts, not reality. America is not Washington or a collection of State capitals. It’s a concept of self-governance and determination without the insinuation of an all-powerful entity dedicated to enslavement and servitude, forever raping the statutes of Liberty. Seeing government for what it is and isn’t, what is should do and must be prevented from doing, if it should even exist at all, is the discussion we should have. Presentism, equivocation, rationalization, the bipolar Good-Bad debate neuters productive discussion to a race within a cul-du-sac, never-ending and worthless. Abandoning these along with the reflexive assertions of political hegemony could make for serious progress to “Save the world”; definitely more than relying on the misinformed myopia of Wiseman's ‘normies’.







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