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Ned Beatty!? Is That You?

A Washington Deliverance

There are no toothless hillbillies of questionable lineage and you won’t hear any rousing dueling banjo riffs but when it comes to Washington Deliverance, there is plenty of Squeal Like A Pig. And guess what, dear reader…you are Ned Beatty.

If Americans haven’t had their blinders knocked clean off over the last 2 weeks of “government shut-down” giving them untrammeled vision and clarity into the immoral, illegal, hypocritical cesspool we call “government”, then fluoride in the water really has caused a nationwide lobotomy – and those chemtrails didn’t help at all.

If no other lesson has been learned, the revelation of Obama’s disdain for America and Americans has been front page, top of fold, lead story, top topic of conversation from coast to coast (except union halls, classrooms La Raza HQ and Al-Qaida TV) through each passing news cycle.

Liberals/Democrats have been typically unified, never straying from the redundancy of their Talking Point, emotive code words and junior-varsity disdain for the same groups and classes of people their Fearless Leader trashes any time he is within teleprompter distance of a microphone or camera (assuming Chuck Schumer hasn’t gotten there first).

Conservative/Republicans are equally unified – if political cannibalism can be classified as a “group effort”. Champions of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Republicans never pass up an opportunity to pass up an opportunity. Even thought they are morally, legally and Constitutionally accurate on Obamacare, “equal treatment under the law” and the economic realities of the raising the “debt ceiling” and increasing “the nation’s credit card”, their inability to get out a clear, concise, compelling message remains their Achilles Heel just as the GOP “Leadership” is their albatross.

The Fourth Estate has totally divested itself of any lingering doubts about or vestiges of Objectivity, Veracity or Integrity. It has indelibly inserted “whore” as the First Definition for “media” in the new Funk & Wagnall. Only the growth and diligence of the Fifth Estate, the bloggers, Smartphone journalists who take “Turn Off That Camera” as the gross violation of the First Amendment it is have allowed Facts otherwise distorted or ignored, designed to keep the citizens ignorant and malleable, prejudiced and mis-directed, to be treated to the disinfectant of sunlight. Still, they are cast in with the Snowdens and Mannings as so many Benedict Arnolds and are treated accordingly.

The Blessings of the Shutdown have been the shameful, spiteful, hateful actions of the Obama Regime that knowingly set out to “cause as much pain as possible”. From war memorials to national parks to private businesses to vets, senior citizens to the ocean itself, President Pantload’s foot-stomping, name-calling temper fits (aka “press conferences” also “speeches”) have been an international embarrassment at worst and a world-wide laughing stock at best. "You shall know the truth - and it shall be ugly" - 1st Wilson 8:32

As this is written, the 4 Horsesasses of the Apocalypse are heading for the Slightly Soiled House for a meeting with Stompy-Foot. While my reputation as a Prophet precedes me with a laugh track, I predict whatever and whenever the outcome, the Ruling Elite will be vindicated all around! A Solution – Grand or Not-So will be struck -- and you and I will be left to squeal like a pig. 


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