Look Before You Vote

Planning to vote this November? Think Barry's your boy? Or are you one of highly coveted Undecideds, the 6%  who will tip the election to America's Doom (or Doom-er)? 

Before yanking that lever or making that X or dangling that chad next month, you should consider the qualifications of the candidates, right?

Are we voting for a Public Servant or American King?

Up for donating but prefer to use OPM? Here's just the place (assuming you wish to support He Who Would Be Emperor). The O campaign has NO SECURITY on their on-line donation site. You can punch in a number, and if there is a card with that number it will get charged with the donation. They don't use the CVV number on the back, they don't use address verification, the name doesn't have to match the card holder name, nothing. As they say in the Defrauding Biz: WOW! What a deal!


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