Back By Unpopular Demand

And now, in response to a diminishing number of requests, your humble scribbler takes dubious delight in presenting once again…“Pop Quiz: The ‘What If’ Game” **

Ready? Begin…

Part A: (51 points)

Based on irrefutable, empirical data, what if you knew a government agency was spying – really spying - on you? What if that agency had a bottomless budget? What if that agency had at its disposal, technology so advanced it made “state of the art” instantly obsolete? What if that agency, utilizing that technology funded by those infinite dollars could turn on your cell phone, record and store every conversation? What if this agency
could also use this technology to turn on your cell phone’s camera and your computer and its camera? What if this agency could monitor, track and store every e-mail you ever send or receive as well as every web site - every web site - and “social media” (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) you visit or ever visit? What if this agency could access every one of your files even on your “off line” computer? What if this agency could access all your passwords to your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, credit card and on-line shopping accounts? What if this agency could immediately access records of your grocery purchases? Or any purchases – like liquor, wine, “sporting equipment”, “adult” items? What if this agency’s technology enabled them to track you wherever you go via your cell phone, GPS, One Pass, or that little black box tucked away in your car? What if there was a “secret court” that routinely invalidated your so-called “Constitutionally protected rights”, sanctioning all this activity as “necessary for national security”?  What if your only options to protect yourself, your privacy, your rights were as devastatingly effective as firing a BB gun at a charging rhino? And what if you knew – based on irrefutable, empirical data – that you were actually paying for this agency and all its toys to do this to you?

Would that make you A) Apoplectic? B) Ballistic? C) Cantankerous? D) Dyspeptic?

Part B: (24.7 points)

Explain the following (23 words or less)

Based on irrefutable, empirical data confirming Government spying on citizens (and that the NSA flat out admits it here, here, here), why would one write emails, text, make cell phone calls, post FB comments, Tweet or otherwise participate in Social Media on-line chats with statements regarding thoughts, actions or other subject matter guaranteed to matter to the aforementioned agency, thus making one a prime candidate for a 4AM visit from the DHS Goon Squad and a lengthy stay at one of those oft-rumored FEMA camps?

(Note: 10 points will be deducted for answers which include references to “suicidal tendencies”, testosterone or the words “gonzo”, “Zombie”, “butthead” or schadenfreude).

True or False – (57 2/3 points and the Back Stage passes!)

       When you consider the facts in a rational manner, without vitriolic denials, bitter accusations, acrimonious blame, and rejection of the entire premise, you come to the conclusion that we’ve passed the point of no return. Decades of bad choices, bad leadership, bad men in important positions, bad education, bad governance, and bad citizenship have led to bad times. But very few people, across all socio-economic classes, have any interest in understanding the facts or making the tough choices required to save future generations from a life of squalor. We willfully choose to ignore the facts. – Jim Quinn (T or F)

“Collectivism” is merely a word for commoditizing and devaluing actual individual human beings to an extent that makes the most rapaciously exploitative corporatism seem like a bleeding heart.  (T or F)

The only way to keep a secret is to not tell anyone. (T or F)

“Rules of economics do not work when money is, Ctrl-P” (T or F)
 " Lawrence Reed  (T or F)

Thanks to our friends at TPTB, your test has already been graded and the results recorded in your Permanent File.

Of course, this will count on your Final.

Hell, this may even have been your Final…

**   ©™® and Member FDIC... and gratitude to my friend, Judge Andrew Napolitano, for setting the "What If" standard! 


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