Your Lying Eyes

Not the Eagles hit song.

“Who are you gonna believe…me or your lying eyes?”

That’s the punch line to a mildly ribald joke about a poor schlub getting caught flagrante delicto. Since incontrovertible evidence proves Liberty and Freedom are being screwed in plain sight, why the incredulity when the obvious is mentioned? Or, in the case of the Media, why is the assault so  strenuously ignored, denied and defended?

OK – the Media has a liberal agenda therefore they see, hear, speak no evil. The newly-coined “low-information voter” is too distracted by the Cares and Woes of the day (or “Duck Dyansty”) to notice the infestation of Liberty-eating termites in the Logic Free Zone (Washington, DC as well as his own local governing bodies). And there are those who will assert: It’s ever been thus.

But it’s worse than “thus”. A lot worse.  Deadly worse. Or I am certifiably certifiable and you’ll never see another scribble from me on these pages again unless I can somehow smuggle them out of my rubber room.

 It’s like this…

It is no longer “News” the NSA is spying on us.  You. Me. Angela Merkle. Bernie Sanders. James Rosen. What’s news is how ubiquitous and pervasive it is and how, despite President Teleprompter’s recent specious speeches, will continue unabated. That the MSM wouldn’t even throw the BS Flag on  these wink-wink whoppers is further confirmation of both their myrmidon-esque devotion and the seriousness of the situation.

But I digress…

The stench of encroaching tyranny, a “general, quiet coup”, is taking place before our lying eyes, wide open, volume up, no distractions. It’s here. It’s now. Where is the dearly departed outrage?

A brief visit to the Internets’ popular hang-outs, FaceBook in particular and your Spamblocker in general, reveals some general, run-of-the-mill, white bread outrage in the Comments and Write Something sections. Of course, politicians and Special Interest Groups of all stripes behoove you to TELL CONGRESS…TELL THE PRESIDENT….TELL (insert politician here)…WE WON’T STAND/DON’T WANT/WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE…SIGN OUR PETITION HERE…

Riiight…as if the last 12,387 “petitions” accomplished a damn thing – except provide politicians and Special Interest Groups with a ginormous list of e-mail addresses from fulminating citizens who identify with That Specific Outrage and then be hit up for an urgent re-election donation when that Dear Concerned Citizen message appears in the old In-Box.

But that’s all a side-show, a distraction to make the masses believe they’re actually doing something, striking a mighty blow in defense of Liberty and Justice for all!

It’s so much worse.

How “worse”? 

Having a keen sense for the obvious, it dawned on me there are a lot smart people expressing a lot of perfectly legitimate objections to the travesties taking place within our government but the issues are mostly arcane. The important stuff is muddled in economic, legal or statistical minutia and few people are sufficiently pointy-headed to grasp the subtleties and nuances that have morphed into what we can now see were the DEW Line bulletins, the latter-day Paul Reveres riding to tell us something much worse than the British was coming.

And then something very strange happened. Very strange, indeed.Know what it was? Nothing. Nothing happened. The “dog didn’t bark”. Naturally, there were the speeches and sound bites, the columns and pod casts in increasing number and volume, warning, beseeching – and yet…nothing efficacious occurred; just more rattle and hum.

And it just got worse and worse until now, it has become as evil as it is dangerous.

During a recent “Judging Freedom”, I asked my friend and FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, if he thought this universal, all-inclusive NSA spying – which we now knew included Bernie Sanders and the rest of his Congressional colleagues – had inhibited congressional votes on certain matter or influenced Federal judicial decisions, including the Supreme Robes. You can hear the Judge’s qualified answer clicking the link above.

The following week, the Sociopath-In-Chief, raised more eyebrows and blood pressure informing us serfs he will promptly and unilaterally by-pass Congress and Constitutional restraints, ignore our separate-but-equal system of governance whenever his agenda is impeded because, after all, he has “a pen and a phone”. This came on the heels of a blatantly phony investigation” of the IRS, more repugnant revelations of the Benghazi atrocity and a spectacular series of outright lies about “reforming” NSA “procedures”.

With each new Giant Step towards tyranny and every new bite out of the Rule of Law, came a flood of ‘harrumpfs” from Capitol Hill’s Ruling Elite. More TV cameos! More fulminating sound bites! More scathing blog posts, podium-pounding guest columns and articles of outrage and damnations! Dredged up were near-forgotten scandals of recent ancient history: Fast and Furious, IRS/Tea Party targeting, Lois Lerner’s trampling of the 5th Amendment, and of course, Benghazi, Edward Snowden,NSA spying, the economy, the Fed, Obamacare numbers, IRS/Little Sister of the Poor, everything Middle East and willow-the-wisp government “reports” all assuring us everything is just peachy.

But…where’s the beef? You know: Congressional action? Subpoenae? Accountability?

During our next “Judging Freedom”, I reminded the Judge of my earlier question and his answer. Then asked (parphrasing): With all the cameos and sound bites and guest editorials and petitions, why aren’t all these attorneys and learned professional people who have sworn an Oath to uphold and defend, etc., taking substantive action? They have the tools, laws, authority and their coveted power to do so? Is it not possible the only explanation remaining can be they have been compromised by the NSA, part of the Executive Branch, under the control of the President? Isn’t it probable, given the documented illegal, unconstitutional, anti-freedom actions, the outright lies smothered in the hubris, arrogance and incompetence of this President and his administration, this is the only logical, reasonable explanation why Congress has gone mute? What other plausible reason could there be? The Judge’s answer is in the second segment above.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to listen, here’s quote from the Judge that puts the icing on this cow pie of an administration:


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