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Stupid or Evil?

 “When searching for a reason why things go wrong, never overlook sheer stupidity.” Hanlon’s Razor (paraphrased). By now, astute readers have read through the avalanche of bovine fecal matter bloviating on nothing that is everything regarding the Obamacare Roll-Out.

Not undertaken by the “retail” media (MSM), is an unvarnished look at what this might really be about.

You’re familiar with the old chestnut about Republicans (Stupid Party) and Democrats (Evil Party).     Well, which is it?

Is it reasonable to conclude Government could squander 3+ years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing a “shop and buy” web site, not stress-test its functionality, then launch it to great fanfare and be shocked – SHOCKED! – when it crashes? Then have everyone from the President to the janitor claim the fault was with the Tea Party, Bush, “the Republican government shut-down”, twerking? Since “All of the Above” is true (except the ‘twerking’ part), was it Stupid or Evil? Did the Administration really have a conglomeration of incompetent DOS-based buffoons pretending to know what they were doing? (Stupid) Or is all this part of a giant smoke-and-mirrors Master Plan to lead us in the Valley of Single-Payer? (Evil)

The dots of Obama's stupidity darken the landscape. While I believe Obama would lose a game of checkers to a box of hair, I doubt he is the master-mind of his career or agenda. Put bluntly, the Obama administration is implementing a plan to destroy America but I think there is a person or persons unseen behind it. Obama-care is meant to fail as a stepping stone to National Health Care but the failure of
its web site was likely Stupidity; the people we see are just as stupid as they appear. The brains of the operation are the people we don't see. The Obama foreign policy in the Middle East has failed but
his stupid foreign policy is what the plan called for.

The Master Plan will have the people begging for a tyrant to save them from themselves. At the very least, it will be reported that way. The skullduggery part will wind up on the Cutting Room floor.

“Who did it? Who did it!?” Capt.Morgan (James Cagney) on the loss of his palm tree (Mister Roberts)

Whether it's the CFR, Bilderbergers, Tri-Lats, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Agenda 21, George Soros, Free Masons, Rotary or Mystic Knights of the Sea, some bodies somewhere developed a truly diabolical plan, a great big, long term plan that’s working through the last minutes of the last quarter of the big game. But there had to be a plan. Like the organic fault in the Selective Mutation Theory of Evolution, mutations are always, ultimately, regressive. So the notion all of "This" could just "happen" like some steel ball bouncing around inside an old pinball machine is logically unacceptable. "TILT" would have lit a long time ago.

The current O'Care Implosion is amusing in a "Suspicions Confirmed" way. Despite the rollout's epic FAIL, complete with mind-boggling incompetence, incestuous financing scandals and elementary school level finger-pointing, the response is not Scuttle and Kill. It's Delay, Re-Group, And Try Again. All the inconsistencies and hypocrisies (selectively applied mandate delays, bald-face lies re doctor, plan keeping, reduced premiums) are being tacitly acknowledged while being hastily swept under the government-issued rug. Just let "Baghdad Bob" Carney walk out of a few more pressers and the DC Notetakers will stop asking the embarrassing questions (see also Fast & Furious, IRS Targeting, Benghazi, NSA Snooping (hi guys!). In the “Rules for Radicals”/Cloward-Piven sense, this is all part of the game. Suppressing fire from a yawning, fawning news media will guarantee the wager the Masses will move on, carried by the wave of the next news cycle and their notorious lack of atte.....LOOK! Squirrel!

 “Stupid or Evil?” Answer: both – some parts stupid; some parts evil. But don’t worry! In the end, everything will be OK…If it’s not OK, it’s not The End!


  1. "...In the end, everything will be OK…If it’s not OK, it’s not The End!..."

    Classic summation, Brian! True anarchy at its very best.



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