Analyzing the Midterms -- Guest Polster Fritz Wenzel

With the "Red Wave" turning out to be a "Red Trickle," listen to analyses on the Midterms from Pollster Frtiz Wenzel and Author Jim Bovard. These latest episodes of Something Completely Different can be heard on Apple, iHeart and/or your preferred platform. Links below.

"It is clearly with political intent (student loan forgiveness) that it was done in the first place, and clearly with the idea that you could, in fact, get younger voters to the polls for a midterm, which is not something that typically happens. That the Democrats have figures out a way to get more young voters to the polls for a midterm should scare the hell out of the Republicans, because that's something neither side has been able to figure out forever." -- Fritz Wenzel

What Happened? Polling Expert Fritz Wenzel on the Midterms


"I think a lot of the GOP candidates failed on both of those things {expressing ideas and likeability} ... they didn't get the ideas across and some of them did not come across as charming as a New York City Talk Show Host."  -- Author James Bovard

Guest Jim Bovard and the Midterms


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