Starting Line or Finishing Line?

 "Irrespective of the American political scene now resembling bad SNL skits, the curtain will come down when the final polling place closes. When the votes are finally counted and the winners announced, the curtain will rise again, revealing our new reality." 

(transcription copy - Now For Something Completely Different

It’s safe to say, we won’t know the final tally of the mid-term election vote come Wednesday morning. PA has 240,000 illegal mail-in ballots and other issues to deal with; Georgia has already announced problems with its massive early vote turn-out will likely delay the final number. That these are two of the so-called ‘swing states’ determining which party will control the Senate shouldn’t surprise. It doesn’t take a keen sense for the obvious to noodle out the games people play, especially desperate psychopaths maniacally clinging to their last hours of power, will include everything from mis- and dis- information, outright lies, scare tactics, nudist wack-jobs flying a BLM flag cruising in their underwear using hammers as sex toys with grumpy octogenarians working off their last DUI, snoozing security agents and, of course, the disingenuous but dedicated liberal news media feigning outrage while blaming everything MAGA MAGA MAGA.

Irrespective of the American political scene now resembling bad SNL skits, the curtain will come down when the final polling place closes. When the votes are finally counted and the winners announced, the curtain will rise again, revealing our new reality. Will we be at the starting line of a new beginning, restoring America to the shaky normalcy pre-COVID? Or will we have crossed the finish line, the final lap of a once shining city on the hill, the great experiment in self-governance, now sliding disastrously but unavoidably onto the trash heap of history’s other ‘democracies’ cum empires?

Even if the eagerly anticipated Red Wave arrives, flushing the licentious liberals out of the DC Swamp, and back to their posh palaces with their prodigious pensions (tax-payer funded), will the returning GOP Old Guard, along with the newly minted freshmen, fresh from their impudent, in-your-face campaigns, be united in dedication to the Herculean task of cleaning the Augean stables of the Washington Deep State? Will they be up to the task of ferreting out the swamp things that still infest the deepest parts, the tenured termites that have all but shredded the founding documents and principles that served as the foundation and pillars of a once great Republic?

An objective analysis with a respectful nod to history is not encouraging. To paraphrase Scripture

                          “The harvest is great but the workers are weenies.” (Matt 9:35)

Put more simply: can the GOP do the work necessary to save the Republic? As a group, Republicans are made up of successful businessmen, some physicians, several lawyers, former celebrities, office holders from lesser ranks but with great potential. Their group-think is principled compromise, go-along-to-get-along is the motto if not the result. Mighty campaign slogans that once turned skeptical voters into super supporters suddenly morph into sheepish shrugs and clich├ęd responses that have all the impact of a BB gun at a charging hippo. Their oh-so-principled responses may one day be effective – but first, we’re more likely to be run over by a glacier.

Conversely, the Liberal/Democrat class is composed predominantly of attorneys; nearly every elected Democrat is a lawyer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (actually, there is), it’s the mentality of lawyers that foments the problem of circumventing strife for the benefit of peace in governance. Lawyers are trained to win. At any cost. Period. The values, principles, sanctity, and goodness of the issue are irrelevant. If the client can pay the fee, the rest is easy. Honesty, integrity, truth, and facts are irrelevant if a loophole can be found in the law or a wink will sway a judge or a couple tickets to the World Series will change a vote. Since lawyers write the laws, loopholes, exceptions, parentheticals, asterisks, and gauzy verbiage abound. (I know. My son is an attorney). The Democrat’s win-at-any-cost dedication doesn’t bode well for the coming conflicts with the raised pinky Republicans. Just envision Mitch McConnell vs. Chuck Schumer; Kevin McCarthy vs. Nancy Pelosi; a school of Piranha in your koi pond; not a pretty picture.

Nevertheless, it’s still a numbers game. Ultimately, votes are the only things that count. Yours in the voting booth; theirs in Congress. Assuming a new ‘mega red hat majority’ prevails, there is, at least, the possibility November 9th will be the Starting Line, not the Finish Line.

If the current majority remains, this election is likely to be the last thing we do as the country we were.


  1. Exceptional post ... encompasses EVERYTHING I have, personally, thought about the Republicns ("wusses") and Attorneys. My forecast of MAJOR violence and disruption surrounding this election is, yet, to happen -- perhaps they are saving it for a last gasp ... or relying on their tried-and-true turn-out of the dead.


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