"Being There" is the greatest political satire ever.

Once again the GOP proves it really is the stoopid party, unable to mount a reasonable challenge against an incumbent not competent to sit on a trash committee for an HOA, the lowest for of fascism known to mankind.

Obama will win going away.  There is simply no meaningful opposition.  That will probably allow him to place three more "living-constitution"-alists on the Supreme Court -- say goodbye to anything resembling a nation of laws with the Chicago thugocracy and the downhill spiral of the nation will go completely out of control as The One's transformation of us into Cuba becomes unstoppable.

Victor Davis Hanson is one of the brightest analystical minds writing sobering, insightful pieces anywhere. I am fortunate to have him as an occasional guest on the show. Before he's on again in a few weeks, read this scathing and MOA accurate look at America's political future this year. WARNING: you're not gonna like it but you won't be able to deny it.


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