Gentle(wo)men, start your tin-foil hats....

Following are 3 links to articles addressing the recent Georgia court case re: Obama's eligibility to run for President in the state of Georgia. If you haven't heard about it, don't be surprised. There was -0- "mainstream" news coverage, despite Network reporters in the courtroom.

Having interviewed most of the parties to the "conspiracy" (Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz, et al) from the beginning 4-5 years ago, it has amazed me more that the "mainstream media" has been so obviously dismissive of this story. Not that it's surprising a liberal agenda motivated media would not cover for their darlings; that's a given. Only the uninformed and terminally naive (or just plain "liberal")  would not understand such has been SOP in America for a long, long, loooog time.

No, for me the fascination has been how starkly obvious, blatantly open, monumentally condescending and deliberately dismissive the "mainstream media" has been in any/all of the factors within this story. That anyone bringing up the subject in polite conversation is almost immediately derided as a "birther", "conspiracy theorist" and - most recently - "racist".

The unassailable logic stands center stage, unchallenged but sans a spotlight; maybe a 200 pound gorilla is more analogous. If Obama's qualifications are so simple to provide, why haven't they? It's a fact: Obama has spent millions in legal fees fighting to keep this out of the courts. Now - as you will read below - it's in there. And the Rule of Law in now on trial, not the apathy of the press or the ignorance of the voter. The cornerstone of the Republic - the Rule of Law - has been trespassed. What happens now will determine the future of the Republic - "if you can keep it". (Ben Franklin)

The National Patriot

Canada Free Press

American Thinker


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