Say there, Skippy...

Do you have a tin-foil hat? Two (one for "dress")? Are you down with all that Black Helecopter, FEMA Death Camps, Black Ops stuff?
Do you worship at the Alter of Jones every evening? Are you tired of not being invited to all the parties your otherwise well-adjusted friends toss for their "Sheeple-Lemmng" buds?

Wellllllll.....lift your head up high and take a walk in the surf with that majesty and fortitude that you'll show the world! You'll show them where to get off! That you were right all alongThey were the real Jersey Kool-Aide Drinkers, not you! They were the ones with the anal-cranial inversion, not you! It' Revenge of the Nerds, Part XLMVIII!

But seriously....while I haven't read the book, here is a review of Gary North's "Conspiracy: A Biblical View". While we have never met, Gary is a fellow traveler in the Lew Rockwell Traveling Salvation Show ( and tends to contribute interesting if not compelling pieces. And while I have also never met Gary Kinghorn, his critique below has earned him an invitation to be on the show ASAP.
Stay tuned for that while you read:


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