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While I could never rival Tom Sowell - who occasionally publishes similarly titled columns - here are some interesting issues Tom might not be inclined to mention. Comment away!

Have retailers ruined Christmas? Or are our baser instincts turning us into crazed animals hunting cheap prices on the latest toys? How much responsibility do retailers have in creating problematic supply/demand situations? Is this like "hunting over bait" 

How did the unnecessary slaughter of 4 Americans morph into a tawdry “sex scandal”?  Beyond media complicity and political malfeasance, who else should share responsibility? What bona fide reason might anyone have for believing the “investigation” will turn up anything damning or something similar will not happen again?  And again?

Do network football game announcers always favor the OTHER school? 

Is it OK to lie to kids about “Santa Claus”? Or is it better to let kids know it’s all a fairy tale, part of the Holiday tradition – but it’s Mom and Dad, who loved them so much, they bought them these cool presents?

If talking/writing about “negative things” (economy, jobs, government, politics) is such a turn-off, how does one consider and confront serious problems facing us?

Of all the people ingesting Network News (from any source), how many are aware they are being deceived, manipulated and used?

My grandparent’s generation didn't like Sinatra. My parent’s generation didn't like Elvis or the Beatles. My generation doesn't like rap, hip-hop or the current state of pop/CHR. So is it just generational? Or does today’s music really suck??


  1. I will tackle the Santa Issue. A kids belief in Santa is one of amazement and Joy. I know a fat old guy with a beard and tells you to sit on his lap is exactly what we preach to our kids to avoid 11 months out of the year. That being said my son believes in santa and that belief in something that is irrational and magical is what being a kid is all about. Its the idea that anything is possible. I feel bad because my son really wants Santa to make him into the real spider man so he can climb walls and shoot webs. I will write him a letter and get him a spider man toy that climbs walls, but his vision of santa will be diminished a bit. I think we lie to our kids because we wish we could see the world threw there eyes. The way they have no worries or the way the world has harden there lives yet . Its the glimpse into the past. a warm memory

  2. Joe
    --"I think we lie to our kids because we wish we could see the world threw there eyes."

    Shrinks generally call that "projection" - projecting on our kids our own goals, fears, anxieties.

    "...that belief in something that is irrational and magical is what being a kid is all about." What, then is "Learning"? If harmful and destructive to childhood, why send the to school? Isn't it possible for a child to enjoy his formative years believing in rational, wonderful things - like dad who promises (and fulfills) a great fishing or hunting trip? Or who receives an unexpected,spontaneous reward for some special effort (great report card)? These are things that build and strengthen the relationship and appreciation for a work/reward ethic that will serve him well as an adult. It's an experience he will share and, possibly, influence others.
    How does this compare with a "diminished Santa" and the potential for disappointment with parents who then have to face the reality of the lie? Or is it "Scrooge" to be honest with children?


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