Coming Attractions

Thanks again for all the kind words, articles, posts, comments regarding the recent distractions. Someone famous once said, "This, too, shall pass" -- and it will. Time and circumstance are funny that way.

So what's next? Thanks for asking.....

More regular blog installments. Something about which I've been remiss but now commit to providing. Focus will be through  the libertarian window as usual. If you subsequently have comments, questions, enlightenment, the Reply/Comments section will be fully operational.

The Book. This puppy has been in development since 1989. Tragically, two computer crashes, lightening and poor back-up systems, destroyed almost all of the "Early Scribblings". Since there was no way to recreate all of that stream-of-conscious-thought content, I simply started over, trying valiantly to remember what the hell happened?? Plans are to eventually "publish" all or most of the chapters here (audio version included). I'm really looking forward to this part. As close friends would attest, I have a boatload of really great TRUE stories! If you're remotely familiar with Radio, The Business, you will love it. Period.
If you're primarily a Listener, many secrets will be revealed! To quote the late Larry King, it will be "a fun read". (In fact, I don't thing Larry would like it much; he's in it!)

Finally, there are always Other Works in progress. Some big, some not so much -- but all damn interesting.
Trust me: the future here will be compelling, provocative, entertaining and fun. All the things real life should be.

Stand by for wacky action....


  1. keep up the good work... cant wait for the podcast/streamcasts.
    do you have a professional page on facebpook?

    1. "Professional page"? Not any more!
      Might be tidying up the place here - fewer moving parts, etc.

      Now looks as if the pod casts won't be starting till next week when the permission slip arrives.

  2. Glad to hear that the educational process will continue and will look forward to whatever forms that it takes.

  3. Thanks. See timeline above. Hunting/pecking variety will continue in the interim.

  4. Brian, thanks for the daily doses of Libertarianism....I read in a newspaper somewhere today that the Republican party on a national level is now being forced to deal with a substantial movement of it's current and former members toward Libertarianism (because, as you and I know, the GOP has failed us in measures both large and small). That's good to know. We need to keep the movement going. Thanks again for all you did for us here in T-town...

  5. Thanks Christopher.
    In its present form, I don't think the GOP is up to the task -- at least not with the current "leadership". But then, the Libertarian Party has proven it is not - and has not - been able to field and just as importantly fund a credible candidate either. If small "l" libertarians can find a way to run the GOP, that would avoid the insurmountable hassles of a 3rd Party.
    At bottom, I think we're seeing the problem is the corroded system stenching out from DC as much as it is the prevalence of a One Party System.


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