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The "fog of war" has an ugly clone: the fog of media. Maybe it's a good thing. Just as you know you have won the point on principle when your opponent can only launch ad homonyms, it's a guarantee something rotten is being hidden when the gaggle of mainstream media go with "stories" like this. Looks as if they've run out of bodies to throw under the bus. Or maybe they ran out of buses...
It's obvious the Administration, from White House to State to Defense, is stonewalling, parsing, obfuscating, innuendo, dodging and every other SOP to prevent the facts from coming being presented in any logical, cogent manner -- and the media is complicit; they couldn't care less. They successfully kept it from growing the strong legs it properly deserved.  The bodies under the bus have become the focus rather than the bodies of the 4 betrayed dead Americans in Benghazi.
Maybe the idea is to get us more concerned about the bus...

But credit FOX News for staying on top of the latest developments - including the debunking of the "careful CIA narrative" above.


  1. One would would hardly expecting anything else out of an incumbent Administration on the eve of re-election than what we've gotten. Unfortunately as you've pointed out, what was once the 'watchdog of government' has now become the 'lap dog of government'. Far more concerned about promoting an editorial agenda than reporting the facts, most of these minions and Myrmidons are all but incapable of reporting a straight news story any longer.

    They should beware! The fall that has occurred (and continues) to the newspaper industry waits just around the corner for cable news networks whose 'personality shows' have become little more than opportunities for they and their stable of pundits to profit through promotion of their own books and websites. These feeble attempts at 'cults of personality' can fall as quickly as those on the political side, and mostly for the same reason: their failed attempts to keep their jobs while not doing their jobs.


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