Words fail

Did we all live through the same election?

Letters to the NY Times (comments added)

cmak Omaha, NE
Thank heaven--and thank you Mr. President--so happy for us all!

(If "heaven" caused this, I am now officially an atheist. And whaddaya mean "all"? Do I look "happy"?)

Linda Palik McCann San Antonio, Texas
The Nation and the World have been gifted with Barack Obama as President for another term; a man of rare grace, humility, compassion and intellect. Advancing domestic and international stability will be imperative -- economically and politically. The next four years will be daunting, but President Obama is more than equal to the task. Needed legislation will be passed if the party of opposition joins the governance of the Republic in common cause and compromise.There is no other choice. Public policy must be crafted for the general good. Legislators must serve the country and not their party.

("gifted"? "...grace, humility, compassion, intellect"? Does "Benghazi" sound remotely familiar? Projectile vomiting may now begin. Please look away from your monitor)

Rogerhq, Sweden
This is great news for America and the entire world. Greetings from Europe, Yes we are celebrating as much as you do! *** FORWARD ***

(Pssst -- have you checked on the PIIGS lately?

Wyoming, Wyoming
HUUGGGGGE sigh of relief at the outcome.Pres. Obama's speech tonight was another reminder of how lucky we are to have this brilliant, steady man at the helm.As for the nonsense comments about this being the end of our country, it's that type of language that is turning people off from politics and degrading the quality of our civil discourse. We have serious problems ahead and we need to remember how to listen to each other with respect in order to solve them.

(As long as we only just listen to you, right?)

Finally....Who let this dude in?

This was the most important election of my lifetime. It was THE tipping point. We lost this nation tonight. We are no longer a proud nation, just a pathetic European wanna-be.... May God have mercy on us.. We have rejected everything that we once stood for. I grieve not for Obama's reelection but for the fact that I live in a country I no longer recognize and no longer admire. I grieve for the knowledge that millions of my so-called American neighbors willingly sacrificed our liberty to satisfy their own selfish greed. Those who brought about this travesty will suffer just as much as me and my family will, but that is no consolation. My only solace is that I can look my son in the face and tell him that I did what I could to prevent this tragedy....and tell him stories about the great nation we once were.

(Killjoy. Just when the Kool-Aide was tasting like Cabernet...)

We return you now to your favorite memories of what used to be -- or your nightmare of the future.


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