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Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Goody Basket

Alrighty then...who ordered the lobotomy?

Thought For The Day:  "There is no arguing with conjecture".

Recent headlines:

* In attempt to recover $2 billion loss, JP Morgan Chase renames itself Chasebook
 Elizabeth Warren claims kinship to Sitting Bull; receives Indian name Lying Cow
*WH news briefing cut short after Jay Carney's pants spontaneously combust

From the High Tech Toy Dept.,, something new and (potentially) useful - IF used properly.
(NB: The Big IF)

Are you a golpher? Do you understand Obamanomics? Wanna see how Obamanomics works when applied to your next round? h/t MP

Regarding our current financial  situation...Here’s a question: If I give you 50¢ and as a result of that transaction, you owe me $1.00, what interest rate have I charged you? Obviously, I’ve charged you 100% interest and I don’t give a rat’s ass about you or your kids. I’m pure evil and you’re pure stupid. But believe it or not, this kind of master-slave arrangement isn’t enough to satisfy a true narcissist. The narcissist needs to be exalted for his actions, no matter how unjust. 
Just sayin'....

In Norts Spews - The Dawgs missed the Upset Of The Century by just a few yards and seconds in the SEC Championship Game. Quandary: If you went to LSU, who do ya root for: the hated, over-rated, over-exalted, over-everything ND Golden Domers? Or the equally despised Tide and their #%!@** coach? Problem solved courtesy of uber-DAWG Fan Al Mulkern: Root for the Tide. Keep the Title in the SEC. Drive sports nerds crazy. 
Works for me -- altho I will have a large bottle of Lavoris nearby.

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