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NOT this morning's lead story:

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was a sneak attack, but not by the enemy they feared.
U.S. Army Capts. Joshua Lawrence and Drew Russell were inside a small command post on an Afghan army base, wrapping up a long day of coordinating the safe arrival of nearly 100 Afghan religious and tribal leaders for a peace conference at a nearby palace.
Darkness had fallen.
Some of their fellow soldiers had retired for the evening. Two stood guard.
All seemed well.
But as several soldiers sprawled on nearby cots, playing cards, the calm collapsed catastrophically at 9:27 p.m.
An exploding grenade shattered the stillness, followed in seconds by bursts of gunfire. Before any of the Americans could raise a hand to defend themselves, Lawrence was dead from a bullet to the head, and Russell was dying, shot three times in the back.
They were not killed by the Taliban, as the U.S.-led military coalition indicated the day after the Oct. 8, 2011, assault. Lawrence, 29, of Nashville, Tenn., and Russell, 25, of Scotts, Mich., were killed in what U.S. investigators later called a "calculated and coordinated" attack by Afghan soldiers entrusted to work alongside their U.S. partners.
This is the first published account of the attack and is based on internal Army records and interviews in the U.S. and Afghanistan.
For Russell's family, the anguish is still fresh. His father, Jim, said the loss was even harder to accept after learning from the Army's investigation report early this year that it was a supposed ally, not the Taliban, who killed his son.
"It wasn't like a battle, you know. He pretty much got ambushed," he said, pausing at length to settle his emotions. "That makes it difficult."

Tell me again how American soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan to "protect our rights". Tell me again how these two American deaths made you and your family more secure.Tell me again how squandering American blood and treasure in a land and on a people who want us dead, gone or both serves the cause of Freedom and Liberty anywhere. Hint: it doesn't. So tell me again exactly what it did accomplish.

Go ahead.

Hard Core Financial News from a Michigan friend in the business....

  "Since the election is over, perhaps I can now sum up the thoughts of many proven economists (without being accused of being political) as follows: There is an extremely good chance that the increased costs of Obamacare, the layoffs caused by Obamacare, the shortening of the work week caused by Obamacare, and the regulations of Obamacare, are going to lead to an economic contraction. As well, the cutting of Defense spending, inherent in the Fiscal Cliff, will, unlike cuts in entitlement spending, result in real job losses.
In additon, the increased taxes on the wealthy, which have, without exception, resulted in LOWER revenues to the IRS as well as more layoffs, should also adversely affect the least for the next year or so.
Government 'stimulus', which has been used to keep union and government workers employed, may continue to mask the overall job losses in private industry, and therefore prevent us from reaching the 'official' definition of a recession----but most economists, including [t]hose from Goldman and Forbes, feel that we will approach a recession in 2013"

Invest wisely.

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