Weekend Report: Hey! Hey! It's The Monkees!

Back from Computercrashville with a Review of "An Evening with The Monkees" Concert (New Brunswick, NJ).

All the way back in August, I promised Cassie for her upcoming and highly anticipated birthdayChristamsNewYear'sSuperBowlanniversaryValentine'sDayGroundHogDay, I would secure, transport and accompany her to the Last Monkees Concert, New Brunswick, NJ (prior to the Real Big Really Last "The Monkees" Concert in NYC). Faithful and True to my word, Friday evening there I was: 20 rows away from Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz sitting next to the original President of the Official Northern New Jersey "The Monkees" Fan Club, Cassie Wilson. Ms. Wilson was attractively adorned sporting an Exclusive "Davy Jones Memorial" Pendant (imposing plastic heart with "Davy Jones" inscribed across it blinking bright red from her decollage). This signified a status of loyalty and devotion not found on anyone else in the Sold-Out SRO audience. Attendees weren't the only ones noticing. Noticing the former President, the 3 surviving performers also acknowledged from the stage, having been interviewed by Ms. Wilson at several times over the years. Ms. Wilson also enjoyed a brief conversation with the reclusive Mr. Nesmith concerning a certain pair of "sparkly boots" he wore for the occasion.

As a former DJ, I was only familiar with The Monkees signature hits but will use this quasi-public forum to admit the less-familiar (aka downright unknown) to me tunes they performed were quite good to the point of outstanding ( example:"You May Be The One").

I noted Ms. Wilson knew all the words of all the songs including the more obscure "deep album cuts" the too-young-to-know "critics" wrote about critically. Except for the occasional squeal and giggle, jump up, sit down and wave madly, Ms. Wilson was comparatively demure throughout the performance.

Preceded by a magnificent Italian dinner, a good great swell fantastic time was had by all. Well...at least the two of us!

In other news, look for a resumption of pithy comments, inconvenient observations and uncomfortable questions to be posted shortly. But first, back to Remedial Computer Restoration - or similar.


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