On guns

I've written all I can on guns. Like many issues, everything that is logical, coherent, objective and accurate has been said or written. Those who believe guns are evil and must be banned or, better yet, confiscated will always believe it no matter how much empirical evidence is amassed and presented. Only a personal traumatic experience has a chance a an epiphany. Even then....
When all has been said, proven and done and the facts still don't matter, still don't change minds, still don't forestall anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty, anti-Life legislation, we've arrived at that fork in the road,  that tipping point when past changes America forever. Or, at least until the next Revolution brought about by tyranny. 
Assuming the Obama Administration, in concert with Congress, enact the "assault weapons" bill as envisioned by Ms. Feinstein, crunch time will have arrived. Pro, anti, apathetic, the unintended consequences will be visited upon one and all. As other countries and cultures have discovered (too late), crimes committed with guns and without will continue apace, Paradise will not be restored or established. Because there will always be evil, mentally debilitated, uncontrollable elements among us who will find the ways and means to use lethal force against the defenseless. For Ms. Feinstein, the President and Elected Officials, this is not an eventuality. They have their "protection" -- and, ironically, we're paying for it while they work to disarm us.
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