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Since writing this piece for  Lew Rockwell, many have written asking for just the questions so they can "test" their local media stars as recommended. Sounded like a good plan! Copy, paste, print, ask! Then stand back so you don't get splattered in the explosion of over-inflated ego.
Here are 15 questions - and a few Extra Credit ones - test the level of competence to accurately discuss the current controversy surround guns and the violence perpetrated by those who use them illegally.

Here they are:

1 Have you ever fired a gun? (NB: water, cap, BB, paintball and fingers are not acceptable)
2 How many guns have you seen become violent? If your answer acknowledges an individual is necessary to operate the weapon, why, then, are you using the term “gun violence” and not “human violence”?
3 In 25 words or less: What is an “Assault Weapon”? Be specific
                 (Extra Credit: From Columbine to Newtown, how many involved “Assault Weapons”?)
4 What is the difference between a “magazine” and a “clip”? Use both in a sentence.
5 Is a .223 cartridge more or less powerful than the predominant rifle cartridge used by American fighting men in WWII?
                 (Extra Credit: What was the caliber of the predominant rifle cartridge used in WWII?)
6  If you had to choose, would you prefer to shot with a .22? .223? 30-06? 00Buck?                                            
       (“None of the Above” is an understandable but unacceptable answer)
7 Why is a black gun more dangerous than one made with differently colored components?
8 If black guns are bad, isn’t that racist?
9 How does a bayonet lug make the “assault rifle” more lethal?
   (Extra credit: How many drive-by bayonetings occurred in the US last year?)
10 To the nearest 100,000, how many Assault Rifles are made of Nerf?
11 Within 10,000, how many times a day do law-abiding gun owners prevent a crime without firing a shot?
12 Approximately how many gun laws (State and Federal) are in force in America today?
13 With so many laws already in force, what are the compelling reasons to believe criminals and mass   
       murders will obey the new ones?
14 If faced with a home invasion, would you want to be holding your phone or your firearm?
15 If the 2nd Amendment  only applies to 18th century single-shot muskets, doesn’t  the 1st Amendment then only apply to movable type printing presses thus requiring you to surrender your smart phone, iPad, laser printer, TV?   If No, explain the double standard in 223 words or less.  


  1. Excellent! I'm posting this on my Facebook and Tea Party Community pages. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Don - the more people not into the "gun culture" (like us) need a dose of objective analysis and logical thinking to stem the tide of this assine - and downright dangerous - line of thinki---- "feeling".

  2. Hi Brian, #6 stumped me, so I had to cheat and look up the ballistics of a 30-06. I'm still not really sure. What are the barrel lengths and how much twist? ;)

    When you going to go back to work Brian? I'm suffering from some serious withdraws here!

    Santa Rosa, CA

  3. Steve -- You really don't have to dig that deep! Hold up a (deadly powerful) .223 cartridge next to the WWII 30-06 cartridge. The visual alone will answer the question and reveal the flaming ignorance of the anti-gun screechers.


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