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Wait time for Colorado gun purchasers continues to grow

By Ryan Parker
The Denver Post

More than 1,000 firearm background checks were submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on Christmas Eve.
As of Wednesday morning, CBI had 11,420 checks in the queue, waiting to be processed, according to bureau officials.
The current wait time is currently more than nine days.
The process that usually takes minutes has been backlogged for weeks following a massive rush in the state to purchase guns.
The CBI team handling the process completed 1,584 background checks for firearms purchases on Tuesday, according to bureau officials.
The Colorado Department of Public Safety, the umbrella agency over the CBI, plans to ask lawmakers for a $500,000 supplemental appropriation for more staff and technology to handle the checks, said Susan Medina, CBI spokeswoman.
In 2012 through November, there were 34,117 more background checks submitted to the CBI for processing than in all of 2011 — a 14 percent increase, according to CBI data.

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