Finally! The Story We've Been Waiting For!

From the beginning of the national  reaction to the Newtown tragedy, I have been pointing at the drugs, not the guns. Back in December, I wrote:

Conspicuous by its absence is any in-depth investigation of whether psychotropic drugs, anti-depressants or other SSRI prescription medication was being used by the perpetrator. Ritalin, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft are some of the popular, widely prescribed drugs whose side-effects can be devastating. Similarly, MSM reporters, commentators and pundits apparently haven’t bothered to educate themselves – or inform their viewers, listeners or readers – of the readily available and damning facts found here

 The avalanche of USDA Prime bull crap regarding guns (see Piers Morgan and most every other blow-dried blowhard behind a mic or camera) was as predictable as it was - and remains - irrelevant. Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn the vaunted FORBES magazine actually posted a comprehensive piece on the connection between mass murders ("gun violence" to the Low Information set) and the smorgasbord of psychotropic drugs (SSRIs)  wantonly prescribed by docs and shrinks across the country. Imagine the uncomfortable curiosity that the article was removed from the Internet shortly after it appeared -- but not before it was captured by a few nimble fingers. Could it be Big Pharma got to Forbes & Co. in much the same manner it appears to have intimidated the alphabet nets' News rooms?                                            
For your edification, here is Lawrence Hunter's revealing piece. Hopefully the link still works.


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