I got yer Oscar right here!

If you have been wow'd and woo'd by "Lincoln", the Spielberg big screen revision that will be sweeping the Academy Rewards, and assuming you don't want to go through life as a fool believing monstrous lies, you will want to read The Real Lincoln by my friend, economist, professor and bar-b-q master, Tom DiLorenzo.
Here is an "appetizer" from Tom posted recently on Lew Rockwell's blog:
"So the Academy Award nominations are out, and while several very high profile, big money actors were ignored, Steven Spielbeg's schlocky Lincoln movie almost swept the board. Drudge calls the award nominations "Land of Lincoln."
I've already written of how the story line of Spielberg's "Lincoln" is totally bogus and in fact gets the historical facts exactly backwards. There's no historical evidence that Lincoln lifted a finger to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed, the bogus theme of the movie.
So let's see: The Hollywood Left, the people who blackball anyone who is slightly suspected of having genuinely conservative or libertarian opinions about anything related to government; the financiers of the Obama campaign; the people who held $50,000/plate dinners for Obama; the fiercest advocates of gun control laws, welfare statism run wild, increasingly "progressive" income taxation; the haters of capitalism, as demonstrated in hundreds of their movies;the kind of people who publicly talk about shooting Alex Jones dead for having the gall to defend the Second Amendmet on CNN; people like Woody Allen who have publicly implored Obama to just declare himself dictator -- is just bonkers over a movie that portrays Lincoln as a slick, deceitful, lying, conniving, manipulating politician who trashes the law and especially the Constitution. And he does it all for a "good purpose." A Hitler with a smiling face.
What, pray tell, could be the message in this that we're supposed to get? Could it possibly have anything to do with the dozens of articles popping up on the Web attempting to either compare Obama to Lincoln, or urging him to act in a more dictatorial manner -- just like Lincoln? Will Obama cite Lincoln (and Spielberg) when he announces his "executive order" banning certain guns? If he doesn't do it personally, he will make sure that Biden or some of his other flunkies do. Republicans have been playing the "Lincoln did it, therefore it must be the right thing to do" game for decades."

Read the book. It's short. You will become even  more intelligent and informed and dazzle your friends at the next party. Isn't that what life's all about!?


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