A Brief Clarification

It was never about a virus and it's not about George Floyd. 

This has been a coordinated, choreographed and financed event beginning with the unresolved source of the origin of the virus. Just as it began to fade came the George Floyd event with massive media coverage and obviously controlled reaction/response. This required planning, coordination, money and, most importantly, communication. Pallets of bricks did not get delivered in dozens of city streets by the Brick Fairy. 

All communications are captured by the NSA. Find the 'community organizer(s)' behind this 'planned-demic' and prosecute accordingly. If not, the Deep State has won. And will continue to win until Freedom as we have known it is destroyed.

Brian Wilson


  1. Brian, you commented in your post: A Brief Clarification;
    >All communications are captured by the NSA.

    True (so we're lead to believe) which is why those huge data centers out in Utah, known as Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Centers exist, right?

    Then you wrote:
    > Find the 'community organizer(s)' behind this 'planned-demic' and prosecute accordingly.

    But given the resources needed to build those data centers i the first place, and given the enormity of what is harvested, then the clearance (by Clarence, but not of the AMC Update Fame dude) needed to place a W/O to generate a report to zero in parse, identify, report on such data, likely be controlled ultimately by the "Deep State" whom, (presumably) are working if not in conjunction with, but more likely, independent yet at a higher level of control than any of the swamp creatures who "believe" it is they who run the show - thereby making prosecution next to impossible?


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